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  1. You're really going to put his basketball career and/or fantasy above his freedom to speak out about the dictator who runs his home country and oppresses people? Get a grip man.
  2. Both are on the wire and I have an open IR spot. I would have to use my #5 waiver for Nance. Who's better ROS? Post your thread and I'll reply.
  3. Personally I would prefer to give Whiteside over nurk but I love big men who can do everything as opposed to specialists so I'm biased. Honestly the only reservation I have is the favors part because I think he fades as the year goes on but that's just a feeling. Embiid and bledsoe are great and probably worth it if favors can continue to contribute something.
  4. Yeah, with your team I'd pull the trigger on this. I'm biased because I own Collins but I'm very pleased thus far and I'm expecting his blocks to increase. Allen should be better than he is but maybe this isn't his year.
  5. Those back issues are tricky and it could be a possibility that he sits until after ASB. I guess if you're solid then you could hold him and hope he gets over it sooner. I'd trade Lillard for those two and take the risk if I were in a solid position in the standings.
  6. I would keep Gallo if it were me even though in the past he's been so injury prone.
  7. For his Satoransky + D White. Is this a fair trade if he needs Kanter boards? I will drop White when Barton comes back and I picked up Kornet. I don't really need the extra assists too bad but I like Satoransky for defense and efficiency.
  8. I'm benching this scrub today because I think his shooting struggles continue against Toronto.
  9. He's not that bad if you've been dealing with Eric Gordon up until two games ago...
  10. Well I'm glad I held at this point. Learned my lesson last year when I dropped him only to have Paul get injured and Gordon start going off. He's pretty frustrating when he's launching brick after brick though.
  11. I just picked him up before the last game he played. I feel that I may have timed it perfect to skip the cluster of duds and get him when he's just getting going. Man my team needs this so I hope it continues.
  12. Yeah I guess. I'm pretty strong in FG% but he absolutely tanked me last week with a few guys missing a game or two during the week.
  13. This guy is such garbage in my opinion. I felt like I had to take him for threes during the draft this season and last season I dropped him roughly half way through the season only to see him play way better after I gave up. He's missed free throws tonight and I'm really losing my patience with Gordon. Anyone think he'll get it going and play well the rest of the season? He couldn't get it going while starting for injured guys and he still can't get it going off the bench, what gives?