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  1. Cook has nothing to play for and I'm not sold on him. Help please?
  2. Don't over think it. Moore and Sutton have by far the highest floor and ceiling out of those guys you listed. Please help?
  3. Half ppr.. without Kareem Hunt and Conner lol. Doug Martin, Josh Adams, Kenneth Dixon. Who do you bench? Leave a link.
  4. Thank you for helping with mine.i think mahomes is the real deal this year. Go for it.
  5. Just saw the flip, pretty unnecessary injury risk.
  6. Ryan or Luck, but go with Mahomes if you want boom (highest potential) or bust. Good luck! Help with mine? Thank you!
  7. Thank you, but I'm not starting Ajayi over Hunt or Barkley obviously.
  8. Thank you for helping with mine. Garçon and Benjamin are meh. Pick up Gallup or John Ross.
  9. Emmanuel Sanders, Jay Ajayi, James Conner, pick 2 to FLEX this week, HALF PPR Currently I'm benching Conner since Ajayi plays Thursday, but I may bench Sanders if Conner starts. Thoughts? WHIR
  10. I haven't played in one in years but I always found them to be pretty enjoyable. Sucks when one of your guys gets traded to a different league at the deadline though. So if an NL stud gets traded to the AL he's ineligible in an NL-only league then? That would suck. For that reason I'd guess there are no dynasty or keeper leagues then.
  11. Is it to make things more challenging? Or to simulate the experience of a "deep" league? Those are the only reasons I can think of. Not that those reasons are bad, but for those of you that have played AL/NL-only leagues, how does it compare against mixed leagues in terms of fun?