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  1. Yes sir I did so. Thanks, kid balled today
  2. u think brunson will keep up the production? Looking to add him as well.
  3. well said, in the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter, because Lebron is a competitor at his core. Plus MJ took a year to play baseball. For lebron, it was filming Space Jam 2 and getting his hollywood roots in. Hopefully after an eventful summer free agency, the lakers will be competitive next year, so if the lakers start winning the following consecutive years with lebron, then they will forget about this blemish year.
  4. or it was because they have matching 3's on their jersey.
  5. AD who? Had a leaguemate text me how he regretted not picking up Robinson. Dam it feels good to be a gangsta
  6. boy doing work in first quarter SELLL HIGH! (jk, i hope AD does well ros)
  7. Didnt know where else to discuss this since it doesnt have to do with the NBA players just yet Zion blew through his shoe and got an apparent knee injury. Does that change the perspective of tanking teams for this generational talent supposedly?
  8. Get that MvP title. He didnt bust his a** to be number 1 to lose it this easily #wishfulThinkingFromADOwner
  9. Adrian Wojnarowski ✔@wojespn Houston, Cleveland and Sacramento completing a three-way deal that will send Iman Shumpert to the Rockets, league sources tell ESPN.
  10. Adrian Wojnarowski ✔@wojespn Cleveland will send Alec Burks to the Kings, and Rockets send Brandon Knight, Marquese Chriss and a protected first to Cavaliers, sources tell ESPN.
  11. probably a better chance to make the all star team in the east.
  12. Active hands and good vision for some nice assists. Hopefully he gets over the playing in the nba jitters and becomes consistent