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  1. 1st place. Highest point scored. Facing the 7th seed His special teams score almost more than my entire team Last week a lot of players stunk up. Baldwin disappearing. Kamara for some reason gets demoted to playing special teams. I put in too much work. alarm clock at 4am for waivers. listenign to podcast. and then this. i picked up ware. i picked up williams and still won't break 80pts with my 1st place team while the 7th seed will almost break 200pts ppr This week I had Lindsay , Gronk combined for 10pts so stupid
  2. As a Titans homer. He's on my WW and i'm hoping my opponent picks him up.
  3. What are you talking about man "Whichever team scores the most points at the end of game will win the game."
  4. Wow...I'm not even a Cousins fan, but Boog really has something against him
  5. All I needed from Cousins is 6pts tonight and I win I am going to lose aren't i?
  6. "If you are the Minnesota Vikings....you HAVE to score on this possession
  7. What are my chances? I'm up 41.3pts. 1pt PPR He has: Theilen,Rudolph, and Janikowski left
  8. Guess which one is mine? Cam - 10.90 Gurley 8.80 Michel - 5.70 James White - 4.20 Cooks 5.20 Godwin - 1.20 Chargers - 5pts Zuerlein - 6.0 (Lost Conner) Sat Ware for Godwin vs Brady - 26pts Barkley - 33.70 Samuels - 15.20 Cooper 54.30 Hilton - 28.90 Westbrook - 21.80 Kittle - 39.80 Bears - 19.00 Badgley - 19.0
  9. This year was the most frustrating year ever. I honestly didn't even enjoy it at all. More stress than anything. 3 leagues Highest scoring team in all of them Lost to a winless team about 6 times this year Started Brown,Sutton,Kamara,Cam, Godwin Lost to Dede Westbrook and Brate