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  1. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Jalen Ramsey has requested a trade following the Jaguars' Week 2 loss to the Texans that involved a sideline altercation with coach Doug Marrone. The Jaguars are already going up in flames following an 0-2 start after so much promise heading into the season. They lost Nick Foles for 2-3 months with a broken collarbone before he could even play half of a game in his new digs, and then the team went and laid an egg in Houston against a Texans team that was begging to lose. Ramsey locked down DeAndre Hopkins in the game, but he and Marrone got in a heated screaming match on the sideline, forcing the two to be separated by other defensive backs. Ramsey is signed through 2020 and has yet to get an extension from the Jaguars. The team is already quitting on Marrone. Again. Teams would be wrapped around the building for a chance to acquire Ramsey, one of the best corners in the game, who can press and shadow, and turns 25 next month. The Jaguars have been playing zone defense, one of Ramsey's gripes. SOURCE: Adam Schefter on Twitter Sep 16, 2019, 6:17 PM ET Bill Bilichick coming for Ramsey
  2. I have: Winston Antonio Brown Tyreke Hill Freeman Went up against: Lamar Jackson Watkins Marquiese Brown Eckler
  3. ahahahaa https://twitter.com/The_Barftender/status/1169656256929230848?s=20
  4. He got really emotional when talking about how banged up he was http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=27475716
  5. 1st place. Highest point scored. Facing the 7th seed His special teams score almost more than my entire team Last week a lot of players stunk up. Baldwin disappearing. Kamara for some reason gets demoted to playing special teams. I put in too much work. alarm clock at 4am for waivers. listenign to podcast. and then this. i picked up ware. i picked up williams and still won't break 80pts with my 1st place team while the 7th seed will almost break 200pts ppr This week I had Lindsay , Gronk combined for 10pts so stupid
  6. As a Titans homer. He's on my WW and i'm hoping my opponent picks him up.
  7. What are you talking about man "Whichever team scores the most points at the end of game will win the game."
  8. Wow...I'm not even a Cousins fan, but Boog really has something against him