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  1. Marquise Goodwin 2018 Outlook

    Starting with confidence.
  2. Dan Bailey 2018 Outlook

    I lost by 1 to the highest scorer of the week. I was the 2nd highest scorer and I had Bailey
  3. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    2nd week in a row I lost when having the 2nd highest points scored for the week. This time I lost by 2 thanks to Dan Bailey getting 0, Keenan Allen 5pts, Fizgerald 2pts
  4. Edelman comes back next week right? He's their only healthy receiver lol
  5. 9/23/18 - Wk 3 Saints @ Falcons Gameday Thread

    I sat Julio for Ridley
  6. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    I started: Breida: Injured on non contact Lindsay: Decides to punch someone and get ejected I benched: C.Ridley: 76 yard touchdown G.Allison: 63 yard touchdown
  7. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Sunday Afternoon: Sony Michel is listed as "inactive" for week 3.
  8. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    Tyrod targeting him a lot! How many targets did he get from Baker?
  9. Dan Bailey 2018 Outlook

  10. Robby Anderson 97 yard TD Bomb incoming!