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  1. Same. I'm starting to become the Jerry West of our league over here.
  2. Tell me about it. All I needed was one more pass to Hill. That's it. But of course the Chiefs turn into a ground and pound team for one night and Damien Williams outscores Tyreek Hill.
  3. Not to sound petty...but I hope there's a 1 point stat correction in there somewhere that gives me the W lol.
  4. Just lost on that last Mahomes pass to Williams. 120.54-121.28. All I can do is shake my head.
  5. My team is pretty much put together with duct tape at this point. I've been working with injuries to my team all season and still managed to get 1st place. I think injuries have finally caught up to me though when Burkhead went down and with Rodgers going back to IR. QB: Bortles RB: Miller, Gore, Davis, Coleman, Penny WR: Bryant, Thielen, Cole, Anderson, Westbrook, Byrd K: Butker DST: Jags, Chargers The guy I'm playing basically has a super team with Brees, Ingram, Ty Hill, Bell, and Hopkins...yeah.
  6. Lol my friend who owns Lions DST just lost 99.26-100.82 because of that last TD. He drops to 4-5, I move on to 5-4 and have sole possession of 4th place.