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  1. Never lost faith in the dude, kept him fostered the entire year, paying off dividends during championship week.
  2. lol he aint getting rested, team needs him badly and they're still battling for playoff position.
  3. He's a game time decision now? Luka pls, just need 1 more healthy week outta ya fam
  4. i'd say so...hes been great even in 20 mins per game so i'm riding him for my final championship week, ironically my future opponent has Whiteside lol
  5. I'd sell high tbh but doesn't hurt to keep too
  6. picked him up and stashed him on the IR...pretty easy add if you have an open IR spot but I'm guessing not many lucky people do...hope he rests and plays after ASW.
  7. Feeling happy about trading for him now...but will this last? Let's hopeeee
  8. yeah i think I had to pull the trigger on the trade (I did)...i'm kinda iffy on Marc in TOR, will they put him on the 2nd unit, play him 28 mins per game like JV, LaVine's ankle worried me also...thank you for the answer (and assurance haha) my reasoning is that AD at 80% is much better than Marc at 110%, getting Grant and Jackson in the meantime was a big get, he described them as filler but Grant has been doing pretty damn good the past month, as is Jackson who would be a low end PG...I'm planning on waiting on some injuries to some great WW potential adds on Anderson/Warren when they get healthy and run with them to the end.
  9. So I have a trade offer for Anthony Davis, I'm currently in 1st place and am 10.5 games up on 2nd place and 17.5 on 3rd , having an undefeated week so I'm in the driver seat at the moment on cruise control. Now I got an interesting offer: Give: Marc Gasol Zach Lavine Al Horford Rajon Rondo Get: Anthony Davis Jerami Grant Reggie Jackson Brandon Ingram Now Davis is kinda risky to acquire obviously but would this guarantee me a championship if healthy? I also had concerns on Marc and his usage rate in TOR, Lavine's ankle issues and Horford getting rested periodically. also Grant and Jackson aren't that bad tbh plus I have Dinwiddle on the IR/a lot of solid pieces that are injured on the WW (Warren/Kyle Anderson/Elfrid Payton/Tucker/White)is this an easy yes or should I stay put since I've been beasting the entire season. Yahoo league, 9 categories, 1 IR [PTS/FG%/FT%/REB/STLS/ASTS/TO/3PM/BLKS], 12 Team league Damian Lillard/Eric Bledsoe/Zach Lavine/Rajon Rondo Paul George/Marvin Williams/Luka Donic Al Horford/Danilo Gallinari/Al-Farouq Aminu/Rudy Gay Marc Gasol/Willie Stein (WCS) IR: Dinwiddle (just taking up a spot tbh)
  10. i mean he goes through stretches like these, he did i think in December or last month and a lot of owners paniced and dropped...now if it continues for the next 5-8 games then i'd drop but this is the normal cycle for someone like Aminu...def holding right now.
  11. Seriously what more do you want from him, he's been playing solid this entire season lol, he's what you need from a 7th round pick, good scoring, 4/4 rebs and assists, not many steals but you're using him for his scoring and FTs