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  1. Question now is if you had Henry on your bench and you win. Do u start Henry now over your stars you have been starting ? .
  2. Problem is its a 4pm game. Unless u got someone better at 4 or Sunday Monday night can't wait until game time to see if hes starting. Rest of my guys at 1. Now if they announce hes out earlier then heck yeah.
  3. Anyone think they trade for a WR. D Thomas etc . ?
  4. Can go 2 ways with him. Ride the wave. Just play him while hes hot or sell high. I am debating what he can get me. I got Watson and Cam so can trade him . Just not sure u can get value for the #1 player in fantasy. Most will say hes ryan Fitzpatrick or hes gonna lose the start job.
  5. Game is on Sunday , going to be hard to start him as we may not even be sure hes playing . Unless you ofcourse have another option to put in.
  6. I dont think hes a fluke. Hes the real deal. Will finnish top 5 WR if he stays healthy. Too much talent. And incredible situation. Got another question , i asked about trading him for top 5 RBs but how about Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers owner offered Aaron who puts up 20+ a week and more every week. What yaall Hill owners say. I got only trade him for DJ, zeek , gurley and maybe Hunt if RB and trade for no WR. Again not saying offer him up, just sayin if an offer was made to you
  7. The issue I have with Ross is the QB. He cant throw the deep ball . That pass touchdown today was severely underthrown. Ross had to stop, Most of the time thats picked off. Not saying Dalton is terrible but Ross talent does not fit how he plays. .
  8. Since hes not playing tbis week nothing will change. He will probally go 4-5th with occasional late 3 to someone who cant wait for a snake draft to come all way back but he plays last pre season game and looks ok he jumps to 3rd round and lets say he has a great game 5-120 and a TD , then hes gonna reallt jump to late 2nd round.
  9. Been watching him and a few other players in mocks every day since last week and hes moving up. 10 team PPR , He as round 6-7 , two weeks ago , moved to 5-6 when he reported and now I see him end of 4th . if he was actually playing in a pre season game I think he would drop to 3 rd round pretty quickly but since he is not seems mid to late 4th is his position . Had he never left the team and was playing preseason games he probably would be rounds 2-3 as he was better then alot of the WR's in the 3rd round and he is still young so no reason to think he will not be at the least a low end # 1. After the top 5-8 WR's go thats where I rank Gordon. Again this is baring he plays and that why he is at a discount . hes going 2 rounds later then he should do to the off field issues.
  10. Very hard for me to figure out his draft spot. Mocks all week had him late 6 but thats gonna change now. Maybe mid 5th ?? Not sure i can draft him before 5 due to the risk which are his off field issues , time away and team added alot of talent . But dang I want to do it cause of the upside. Im thinking 5th round and if he goes before that so be it.
  11. Appears something happened but no one is saying. But the sense still lingers that the league has had a hand in this situation, despite the apparent effort to create the impression that the league has nothing to do with it. Consider this tweet from Tom Pelissero of NFL Media regarding the terms of Gordon’s return to the Browns: “Since . . . WR Josh Gordon is still in jointly negotiated substance abuse program, he’s subject to certain conditions. Per [league spokesman Brian McCarthy]: ‘This part of the process. Can attend meetings, do conditioning. Can go to practice but not participate. No timetable on next step.'” However this one is characterized, it’s clear that Gordon’s return and the terms of his return are controlled by the league. It’s also clear that Gordon’s ability to practice and to play will be subject to league approval. Which necessarily means that something likely happened within the confines of Gordon’s treatment plan to trigger the absence in the first place. Otherwise, he would be instantly reinstated with no restrictions of any kind. So why is the league tiptoeing around this one? As suggested in the early days of Gordon’s unplanned sabbatical, the Enforcer may be (wisely) realizing that overly aggressive application of the substance-abuse policy helps no one. So with Gordon in Stage 3 of the program and with any false move resulting by rule in a minimum banishment of at least another full year, the league apparently opted not to run Gordon out of the sport but to work with him.
  12. Rhodes was limited again yesterday. He will play but may be not 100%. last time he played not at 100 % Marvin Jones torched him.
  13. Just read Rhodes injured his hip last week. Missed practice yesterday. Returned today abd probably pkay with the hip injury. Might make it easier to pkay AJ with a not 100% Rhodes.
  14. Question, does Rhodes move around ? can the Bengals move AJ Green away from him like teams do against Norman etc ???