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  1. I'm never starting anyone playing on Thursday night. Ever.
  2. Just double checking because I haven't watched the game. OJ Howard died on the battlefield right? I don't see him in the stats at all. He dead?
  3. Over Malcolm Brown? I thought you were in on Brown? Curious about your thoughts between the two of those guys.
  4. With the way the Rams are trying to lighten Gurley's workload to preserve him for the playoffs, Brown should get enough carries even without a Gurley injury. Definitely flex worthy with upside for a lot more.
  5. Which FA pick up would you burn your waiver on?
  6. Contemplating this. Does he have stand alone value even if Gurley plays?
  7. Any word on if he's staying or getting sent back down to make room for returners?
  8. Yeah might want to check and see if Oberg is available in your league.