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  1. It was a couple weeks ago while Mixon was still out but you're not wrong lol
  2. I gave Sanders and Howard for Mixon and D Thomas.
  3. I just got rid of Howard myself, you should do the same.
  4. Breaking up is hard to do but I think its time.
  5. I agree with above, I wouldn't recommend investing that heavily in Clevelands offense. Help?
  6. I don't think I'd make any major trades yet in your position. You were lucky to come out 5-1 with Fournette hurt. I'd wait for him to come back and string together a couple good games and then move him if you can. As far as waiver options, I could see dropping Parker for Barber or Ito. Help?
  7. I agree with above. I tend to shy away from using high waiver claims on receivers in general. Help?
  8. I have both Luck and Wentz and while its nice not having to worry about one of them going down, they do both have the same bye week. Given what he's done so far this year, is it worth it to go after Gronk? Clement is a throw in for more RB depth but I'm thinking about using my #1 waiver claim on barber as well. My team (12 team PPR, 2Wr 2Rb 2Flex): QB: Luck, Wentz WR: Hilton, Gordon, Golladay, D. Thomas, Allison, Cole RB: Barkley, Mixon, J. Williams, Ivory TE: Burton K: Fairbairn DEF: Houston WHIR
  9. This is a tough one. Personally, I'd probably go with the DJ side because I think Arizona will figure out how to use him eventually but if your team is struggling and you need to shake things up now then the Allen side makes a lot of sense.