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  1. Get KD

    keeper rules for this league specifically are: - 5 keepers max - keeper value will be deducted from your $200 draft budget So with this being said.. i would not be keeping WB, Kawhi, embiid, PG, and KD (I wish! ) If i do this trade.. id be looking at keeping Embiid, Allen, Kawhi/PG, KD, and maybe Isaac. And be left with about $35 to fill out the rest of my roster. OR not do the trade and have Embiid, allen, lavine, harris, PG/Kawhi and have about $95 to fill out my team.
  2. Get KD

    wow, im surprised. I honestly thought "take it and run" would be the consensus. Any others want to chime in? thank you!
  3. Jokic or DeRozan/Lowry WHIR!!!

    I would go with jokic. I'm always a fan of getting the best player in any trade. You're essentially trading a 2nd and 3rd rounder for a first rounder. I would go with jokic, esp in a standard/shallow league
  4. Get KD

    Help please?
  5. Get KD

    Got offered KD for my lavine and G Harris. Keeper league and I have lavine and Harris for the cost of a waiver wire pickup... Still think this is a no Brainer right? I should take it and run?
  6. I think I would take the trade. Ayton is only going to get better as the season goes. I feel Tatum needs an injury to really blossom in Boston. WcS has quietly had a good season and I don't see why that couldn't continue. Thanks for the help on mine.
  7. 2 young stud keepers, vuc for lebron?

    How close is your team setup to contending this year?? You're giving quite a bit... In a redraft I'd pull the trigger but there's more value to those guys in a keeper. So if you're really close to contending then pull the trigger.
  8. Derrick White or Fultz ROS?

    I would say white. It's def closer to a toss up between them but pop somehow utilizes his players and he seems like want white at the one. Fultz just doesn't look right.

    I like Otto and Conley. You're basically selling low on Otto. Conley looks healthy and if they're even close to the playoff hunt he should be good to go. Ingles is underrated and doncic is solid but he's also a rookie and you can trust rookies abt as far as you can throw them... If it were a keeper league, I'd say take doncic but in a redraft, think Otto side wins at the end of the season.
  10. Trade Kat

    Just got offered Kat for my PG and G Harris. Am I giving up too much?
  11. Deandre Jordan Fantasy Outlook 2018-2019

    Are good ft for real??
  12. Who wins this? Whir

    I'd go with the KAT side. He's always been a slow starter but in a month you'll be looking at his lines and realize why he's always in the conversation of top 5 fantasy guys.
  13. As a Kawhi owner, I def wouldnt do the trade. Kawhi looks like he is going to beast it this year, barring injury. Ayton is only going to get better. If u really want dipo, I'd switch out Sabonis for someone else.