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  1. Jonathon Isaac 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    earlier in the season i believe they were running him at the 3, next to gordon AND vuc. But with the emergence of mario... not sure the mins will be there. I hope im wrong because i just picked him up in my 14 team keeper league. haha we'll see how it pans out!
  2. De'Aaron Fox 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    No more GHill... Lets see what this kid can do, now that he knows its his team to run. Hopefully its a confidence booster for him! Is anyone worried abt Frank Mason jr? i know i know... prob a stupid question but before he got hurt, he was getting decent minutes and producing too... Do we need to worry?? i assume Fox will get his 30-33 mins a night from now on?
  3. Hi, i own gallo but really thinking about pulling the trigger to trade him for Jarrett Allen. This is a keeper league so im intrigued by the glimpses talent that Allen has shown and i actually think this might be a good move to make?? Any advice or insight on this? Gallo looks like hes finally healthy and as usual, is putting up good numbers, but ROS and future outlook, i really like allen. Thanks in advance! WHIR
  4. is everyone really high on Nance in his new situation with the cavs? I get that Love is hurt.. so really they only have Nance and tristan and bron to play the 4 and 5.. but hes still playing with ball dominant guys (bron, ghill, hood, clarkson).. i understand that his value isnt from his points, but do you all feel this position he's in, he can thrive? rebs and steals and low TO? he doesnt block much, but maybe playin more 5, he will? Not sure what to expect here.
  5. Frank Ntilikina 2017-2018 Thread

    His production has been way down.. Which is really sad to see, esp the steals. Hopefully they give him the minutes to develop instead of playing jack, now that they won't be going for the playoffs. Have him in a dynasty league and would love to see what he can do with some minutes and confidence haha
  6. Yeah thanks for the info! Dropped wall and picked this guy up.. definitely keeping expectations in check but hopefully some nice opportunity on a non-playoff bound team after ASB will boost this guys confidence and i can get some 3s and pts with a sprinkle of other stats. We'll see... sounds like theres definitely some talent here. As we all know.. fantasy value and opportunity usually go hand and hand.
  7. I dont watch many memphis games and didnt watch much of this kid in college but i watched the game last night and he seems like he has a pretty nice offensive game. definitely seemed aggressive. Was he a main option at KU? How was his defense in college??
  8. John Wall 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    yahoo needs to update.. i cant even drop him. Fighting for PO so i need every game i can get. fml
  9. De'Aaron Fox 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Anyone watch the game last night? 6 treys? Just feeling good last night i assume? lol but 3 assists and 0 rebs?? I get he's a rookie and will have ups and downs... but how much potential is actually there? I think this kid is going to be good esp with more confidence as the kings give him more time
  10. Frank Ntilikina 2017-2018 Thread

    the potential... but so much inconsistency, as expected from a rookie.. but nice double double today! Looked like a totally different player from the last few games.
  11. Wall + Turner for Harden

    Anyone else like to chime in?? Thanks in advacnce
  12. Wall + Turner for Harden

    its a 14 team league and the FA pool is pretty dry. This is why im considering making the trade for a little more depth. I usually want to get the best player in a trade but in this case.. i think itll help my team to have a little more depth that to have harden.. but its a tough one. not sure what to do. i figure both of these options, im getting decent value back for a top 3 guy?
  13. Wall + Turner for Harden

    Thanks! id be dropping D. Fox or F. Mason III.
  14. Wall + Turner for Harden

    oh sorry.. im going to be trading away harden.. so my question is which would be better since i have both on the table. Harden for: 1. wall and turner 2. WB and IT