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  1. Love SGA but I do think that he won't get enough minutes to be a fantasy impact this year. He has a very fantasy friendly game too! Except I don't see him hitting too many threes but he's so long and seems to have a great understanding of the game just based on watching him in college and sl
  2. How do you guys feel about Kris Dunn this year? What's with the offseason news about the Bulls not being happy with his attitude and work ethic or something? Any heard anymore on that? His D stats are amazing and his assist numbers aren't bad. We didnt get to see him play much with LaVine last year but i assume lavine will do alot of ball handling as well but i love that they got rid of grant so dunn is really the only true PG they have so i assume he'll get all the run he can handle.
  3. So.... does this guy come off the bench behind TT?? i really like his potential for the defensive stats... and the fact that it doesn't usually take him many minutes to put a nice line together but i'd be much more inclined to target him in drafts if he was starting over TT. What do you guys think?? What do you expect from Nance this coming season?
  4. Zach LaVine 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I actually feel he's going to have a bounce back season. They have a young core that never really played together last year, due to injuries.. Plus they just don't have THAT much talent. I would've liked him more if jabari wasn't signed, but i still think he will be much better this year than last year. Major injury, new team, just not a good combo. Now hes had an offseason to get over the injury and start training camp healthy. Should be interesting.
  5. This youngster is blocking shots left and right during summer league. He's also hitting 3's... obviously its summer league but he definitely passes the eye test. On the defensive end, he moves and rotates really well for a rookie. What do you guys think about his rookie year? Will Memphis run him at the 4 next to Marc? I am usually hesitant to draft rookies but JJJ has the potential to be something special.
  6. Let's talk about this kid for a minute. Magic have a plethora of bigs but Jonathon Isaac showed flashes last year when healthy and is playing really well in summer league. I love what this guy brings on the defensive end. The departure of Biyombo is great for all the bigs in Orlando.. i assume Bamba will get most if not all the back-up C mins behind Vuc. That leaves Gordon and Isaac. Gordon will likely start at the 4 spot with Isaac backing him up... but do you guys see Gordon playing the 3 at all? opening up more minutes to Isaac. Last year, it really seemed like orlando wanted to get mins for this kid anytime they could. He has his injury issues but looks to be healthy now. What do yall think? His STOCKS potential is just too good to ignore right?? How many minutes do you think this kid can get on this young Orlando team?
  7. Joel Embiid 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm definitely targeting him in the first round he's a game changer
  8. He should get a lot of burn with PHO.. it'll be interesting to see how he works with booker. I'd like to see PHO land a passing PG during free agency to help him get easier looks. Will also be watching how his defense looks... doesnt block as well as other bigs, considering how athletic he is.
  9. Jonathon Isaac 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    earlier in the season i believe they were running him at the 3, next to gordon AND vuc. But with the emergence of mario... not sure the mins will be there. I hope im wrong because i just picked him up in my 14 team keeper league. haha we'll see how it pans out!
  10. De'Aaron Fox 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    No more GHill... Lets see what this kid can do, now that he knows its his team to run. Hopefully its a confidence booster for him! Is anyone worried abt Frank Mason jr? i know i know... prob a stupid question but before he got hurt, he was getting decent minutes and producing too... Do we need to worry?? i assume Fox will get his 30-33 mins a night from now on?
  11. Hi, i own gallo but really thinking about pulling the trigger to trade him for Jarrett Allen. This is a keeper league so im intrigued by the glimpses talent that Allen has shown and i actually think this might be a good move to make?? Any advice or insight on this? Gallo looks like hes finally healthy and as usual, is putting up good numbers, but ROS and future outlook, i really like allen. Thanks in advance! WHIR
  12. is everyone really high on Nance in his new situation with the cavs? I get that Love is hurt.. so really they only have Nance and tristan and bron to play the 4 and 5.. but hes still playing with ball dominant guys (bron, ghill, hood, clarkson).. i understand that his value isnt from his points, but do you all feel this position he's in, he can thrive? rebs and steals and low TO? he doesnt block much, but maybe playin more 5, he will? Not sure what to expect here.
  13. Frank Ntilikina 2017-2018 Thread

    His production has been way down.. Which is really sad to see, esp the steals. Hopefully they give him the minutes to develop instead of playing jack, now that they won't be going for the playoffs. Have him in a dynasty league and would love to see what he can do with some minutes and confidence haha
  14. Yeah thanks for the info! Dropped wall and picked this guy up.. definitely keeping expectations in check but hopefully some nice opportunity on a non-playoff bound team after ASB will boost this guys confidence and i can get some 3s and pts with a sprinkle of other stats. We'll see... sounds like theres definitely some talent here. As we all know.. fantasy value and opportunity usually go hand and hand.