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  1. Yes it is. 28% in AAA plus the majors. And add 3 more today.
  2. Guy struck out a lot in the minors for being known for his hit tool.
  3. Guy strikes out a lot for being known for his hit tool.
  4. He only gave up 4 hits. Problem was 3 were homers.
  5. The Brendan Rodgers call up is a little suspect...
  6. Did Strahm really just give up a 2 out 2 run single to Maeda
  7. Not a good sign when Strahm walks the second batter
  8. And has 4 runs to work with.
  9. Didn't get the QS. Only 5.1 IP.
  10. It’s pretty simple - if you believe this is a late breakout, pick him up. If you think this is just a fluke, don’t pick him up.
  11. I’ll definitely take this darvish outing but 97 pitches through 5 means he’s still nibbling and throwing balls. And he’s done after 5.1. Hurts in a QS league.
  12. Can someone tell Darvish he doesn’t have to also throw a ball for every strike he throws? 4 full counts so far in 2 innings.
  13. Voit actually has no idea what he's doing at the plate