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  1. I’m not arguing any of those numbers. They’re all SSS
  2. you’re the one that pointed it out. You’re also the one who’s using that same sample size in your argument for shady. Just stop.
  3. you do realize there are other variables right? Why was 2018 5.12 ypc?
  4. Damien’s 2 touches messed up the flow? One being a touchdown? Ok man 😂
  5. SSS bro. If you can’t see that I can’t help you.
  6. You’re basing that off like 10 carries the RBs have gotten all season. If they incorporated any sort of normal run game, we (and the Chiefs) would have a clearer picture.
  7. Love how mods lock player threads within 2.5 seconds when someone posts mid game, but take 7 hours to unlock them after the game finishes.
  8. I’m undefeated. Regardless of who you own or root for in this backfield, I think we can all agree on one thing and that’s that Andy Reid is a ******** idiot. At least Damien and Darrel outscored Shady on only 2 and 1 touches respectively.
  9. There’s actually hope if the Titans do the right thing and keep starting Tannehill
  10. Serves Reid right losing at half for his extremely predictable play calling. Don’t have to protect the run when you don’t run
  11. So Damien is the one not getting touches today. This backfield is the best.
  12. Brady hates him. No other explanation. I wish I benched him but that’s not really plausible in a 16 teamer