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  1. Regretting dropping Kepler as well. Also regret not keeping Cody Bellinger.
  2. Scott Kingery should change his name to King Scottery.
  3. He got by in early starts because he wasn't walking anyone. Now that he's walking guys, he's not usable.
  4. Luke Jackson loses save opp to the rain
  5. Another bomb to help with that PT
  6. I started him, and agree it could have been worse. Would have liked more Ks, but no BBs and 6 hits in 6 IP, so WHIP was solid.
  7. I don’t get it. Why does he keep throwing his garbage fastball?
  8. Leclerc scared to pitch to Vogelbach.
  9. Thor may have the most hittable fastball in baseball right now confirmed. Dude sucks
  10. Yep. Looks like garbage as usual
  11. Pinch hit 2 run single. Just start the damn guy.
  12. Sitting against a righty after actually contributing something yesterday [...] 🤔
  13. Wait, I was the first to make a comment on it, so how exactly could I be cherry picking when it was my point to begin with? I included more relevant numbers - I don’t care what he did in single A two years ago. If you don’t think he strikes out a lot, then you’re not logical. People defend these call ups like it’s their child. Facts are facts.
  14. Yes it is. 28% in AAA plus the majors. And add 3 more today.
  15. Guy struck out a lot in the minors for being known for his hit tool.
  16. Guy strikes out a lot for being known for his hit tool.
  17. He only gave up 4 hits. Problem was 3 were homers.
  18. The Brendan Rodgers call up is a little suspect...
  19. Did Strahm really just give up a 2 out 2 run single to Maeda