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  1. I wonder how much kawhi's jersey sales are up the moment he got traded to raps. Toronto may be in Canada but its one of the biggest city in east coast.
  2. I actually think Kawhi will have a career year with the raps( contract year for 150 ~200+ mils contract if anyone is not motivate for this they got a problem lol), everything DDR can do kawhi can do better, he will filled in the roll of DDR just fine. I wonder where his ADP will be this year, 6th -10th pick first round?
  3. Thats true but Tatum still put up similar numbers to porter who is in his 5th season and tatum is a rookie who can still improve on almost every aspect of his game. 14/7/1/1/1 if Tatum can keet his FG%, FT% and To's as his rookie season then that is already close to top 20 in 9 cats roto league and if people pick him from 5-7th round that's already a steal in the draft.
  4. Tatum can hit Top 20 in 9 cats roto league even on this stacked celtics team. If anything we learned from his rookie season is that Tatum has good shot selection and he is really good at shooting and a lot of times he gets those defense stats due to his length. Another player who is similar to Tatum is Otto Porter , porter rank around top 15-25 through out the season and he finished around rank 20 this season in 9 cats roto.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Discussion Thread

    Celtics got a steal @ 27 for Robert Williams as they always lack some rim protection and rebounding. 76er's trade looks like its preparing them to sign a big free agent while getting back an high upside young player and a 2021 Heat unprotected 1st round pick.
  6. Warriors Legacy?

    MJ's father was brutally murdered on the street so he retired from the game as he has already accomplish most of the NBA trophy a player can earn and he lost the drive to play. You lebron fan boys have to go this far and make your own theory to discredit MJ. Most Experts if not all pick the Cavs to beat the 09 magic in 5 or 6 games, guess what happened this time bruh? All those key players on bulls were drafted and developed by Bulls along side MJ. Although they are good without MJ but they still fail to win a championship hence MJ is still the key part of that bulls team( to win chips), so whats your point? MJ has a stacked team? Name a championship team lebron had without 2 other superstars , all stars on his team? Super stars and stars in MJ's era are tougher in mentality, they don't just text/making phone calls to team up when they got beaten in the playoff because they want to beat the other greats in order to become the greatest and this is something lebron fan boys like you will never understand because its what Lebron lacks the most. Have you ever seen a GOAT type of player being this passive in an elimination game in finals? The answer is YES we just saw one yesterday.
  7. Warriors Legacy?

    So are you saying lebron is more talented and have longer time to achieve more in NBA but still fail to surpass MJ who has a shorter NBA career? lets see what teams MJ lost to in his career ( iirc ) 84-85 - MJ rookie season, his bulls made playoff and lost first round to the 2nd seed bucks 85-86 - Lost first round to the first seed Celtics who went on to win the chip this year ( celtics 67-15 this yr) 86-87 - Lost first round to the first seed Celics who were the defending champs 87-88 - Lost to pistons who won the east this year and lost to lakers in a tough 7 games series in finals 88-89 - Lost to pistons but this series was the real finals(2-4) because Pistons sweep everyone else including finals in playoff this year. 89-90 - Lost to pistons but again this is the real nba finals(3-4) because pistons pretty much either sweep or only lost 1 game to any other team not bulls this playoff. 94-95- Lost to Magic with shaq and penny who won the east this year. LeBron has never face any of those teams in the east as good as MJ had play against and since you like to talk about MJ's lost to 95 Magic this much that 95 Magic team is better than any of the teams lebron had face in his entire East conference career. OH since we are taking about MAGIC team, Lebron lost to Howard's Magic in 09 with homecourt ( 66 wins best record in NBA), Coach of the year mike brown( ?) and Magic didn't even have Nelson for this series due to injruried, what are the excuse for lebron this time? don't give me crap like his teams suck etc, if you do it just shows that lebron fail to win anything without 2 super stars by his side. LeBron is the best player of his generation there is no doubt about that but lebron fan boys need to face the reality that he is not the GOAT right now, most people have no problem place lebron as the 2nd tho some fans may argue KAJ is the 2nd or the goat which he made a much better case than Lebron now.
  8. Warriors Legacy?

    Thanks for reminding Le not 1, not 2, not 3 ... not 8. By the way this is the final year since LeBron promised about 8 championships when super friends happened with heat and he truly delivered 8 Eastern conference championships.
  9. Warriors Legacy?

    GL building a team with lebron when he is going to leave you in 7 yrs(cavs 1.0) or 4 yrs (heat) and when he leaves Cavs 2.0 this summer again because he is so desperate and needed the help to win more chips than any superstars in NBA history.
  10. Warriors Legacy?

    SURE if we use lebron's standard for GOAT and KD completes a 3peat next season and go back to OKC and win a chip there.
  11. It will be interesting to see which teams willing to pay him more than 12-14 mils a year. Most of the teams are capped out this summer guess like smart said we will find out sooner or later.
  12. Warriors Legacy?

    With the caliber of Warriors roster anything short of a championship season is a failure.
  13. NBA Playoffs Talk

    The only guy who is going back to the bench is Rozier. Celtics had a starting 5 of Horford, Tatum, Hayward, Brown and Irving in the beginning of the year.
  14. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Wars lost this game with so many careless pass that will make you shake your head at and Kerr is overrated, when rockets took away what the wars are doing the best, the only plays kerr can run is KD iso. I really hope CP3 is ok but watching his face impression it doesn't look good .
  15. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Was surprised that KD didn't take the shot when he was jacking up shots all game and instead he passed the ball to klay and got stuck at the corner with 4 secs left and kerr didn't call a time out.