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  1. Lakers needs Danny greens 3D ability on the court all the time, he will get his mins and stats and once again become that 1/1/1 fantasy glue guy for your team.
  2. Lakers line up so far : C: McGee/AD PF: AD/kuzma/Dudley SF: Lebron/kuzma SG: KCP/Danny green/Daniels PG: Cook/Caruso? how much money does lakers have left ?
  3. drag this one out? AD request a trade like a week ago lol.... It makes perfect sense from business point of view to see all the offers before making the decision. If there is anyone to blame, you need to blame lakers themselves for sucking at draft, if lakers draft tatum in 17 and maybe one of Murray, Brown or Hield in 16, AD deal to lakers could have been done already. In reality the whole world other than lakers knows that its better to wait till the summer to see more offers.
  4. lol says who? AD still has 1 yr left on his contract and there will be teams willing to gamble and by the time AD becomes a free agent Lebron will be almost 37. This is why lakers want to trade for AD now and fans like you sound panicing when making post here .
  5. The lakers offer if true is not that great if you take a close look. The center of their package are around 2 young players who can't shoot in todays nba with 2 first round picks which are most likely ended up as late picks. If they wait till the summer then all the other nba teams will have time to review their season and make their offers which pels may find the picks and young players who has higher potential then dealing with lakers before the deadline.
  6. From reading on this forum if Levert have a bad game tomorrow, we will see a lot of people want to drop him for sure! lol!
  7. its only one game and someone already explained the reason why he only play such low mins first game. For all those GMs that want to drop him now i am curious what players are on their WW that is worth the drop. However, i hope gms in my leagues drop him so i can pick him up and wait to see what kind of season he has , if he pull a Prince or J-rich type of season from last year its a win for me.
  8. Seeing how good J-rich is ( younger, on good contract and still improving), he is a much better fit on the Heat roster than Bulter. At this point i don't think heat will trade J-rich for Bulter.
  9. Ingles kind of remind me Korver a few years ago in efficiency except he will get you more assts! best type of glue guy player on your team!
  10. Pelicans play one of the fastest pace style in the league , fast pace usually generate lots of assts and rebs, and i hope payton can keep this up getting us a lot of out of position rebs while maintain 7-9 assts per game. As for his FG and scoring, i don't think people draft him to score and he usually have good FG due to he only takes shots close to the rim.
  11. My bad, i see the original post now, well if the original post expect Lavert to have a top 50 value then he might be disappointed but somehow i hope levert can really be that good since i draft him in almost all my leagues but i will be really happy if he can be around top 80 value.
  12. nobody is assuming he is gonna be bad for first few weeks, only suggestion here is to have patience but if you see any players on the WW that is wroth to pick up , u should do it . Plus most people have too much expectation for levert. What Levert should really be is someone you pick in the last 2 rounds and if he really breaks out that will just make your team even better and less worry about injuries.
  13. The only guy on this Celtics team who will take more shots than Tatum is Irving right now. At some point the coach and the players on the team will just realized how good Tatum is and make him the 2nd or even first scoring options. For all the GMs that want to sell high now, i serious doubt how much you can get in return.
  14. I think he is referring to a lot of impatience GMs that dropped J-rich and Prince after first few weeks of the season when they have subpar performance but in the end, both players finally came through and help a lot of GMs win their league by pick them up from WW.
  15. I drafted Isaac around middle of 9th round in 2 of the 9 cats roto league (12 teams) i played this year. Most GMs in my leagues have injury concerns about him. I agree that if you draft Isaac in 6th or 7th round, it's kind of too much risk to spend that high of a pick on him. However i am very optimistic about Isaac this year that he can play 70 games and avg 10 pts, 5 rebs , 1.5 stls and 1.5 blocks with 1 3s, 45% FG and 76% FT this year. Normally players show good progress in year 2 and go on to have a breakout season in year 3. If Isaac can avg the numbers i predict this year then i think he will reach top 40 value as soon as next season.