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  1. Sucks in fantasy, sucks way more in real life. At least for owners he went down in flames after a monster night that was good for about 2 games worth of stats. Just terrible timing before playoffs. I guess this reinforces all the coach decisions to rest their key players down the stretch...each game not played is one less chance for some trash like this to happen. I don't agree with the resting and stuff as a whole but I see why it's done from a team standpoint.
  2. if you lost nurk and need to replace big man stats grab kanter, if need 3s and mix of other stuff I would go for harkless
  3. Kanter obv. must add now. i just dropped nurk for him
  4. Line not that bad. 2 3s a steal and a block. Obv not good but didn't hurt really. If he sucks again tmrw drop after the back to back
  5. you guys like moe over harrison barnes this week? better schedule finishing 4 games on sat instead of sunday.
  6. Coming off of 3 losses in a row I doubt kyrie sits
  7. our boy losing some steam here? lower mins, 28 and 26 last two games. weak line last night. 3 game week next week, time to move on?
  8. Was going to add isaac but after last night and coach comment I chose Bryant. Both have 4 games but Bryant role will be bigger and safer to expect a decent line
  9. isaac got dropped this week in a lot of leagues dude. it was a 2 game week and he was coming off a terrible stretch
  10. And jokic. He is also a super safe first rounder that you dont need to worry about resting and fake injuries
  11. I'm going to drop for issac who plays a back to back Monday and Tuesday next week. Mitch first game not til Thursday so if needed I will try to add him again on the 27th (wed)
  12. well he has 2 games next week so I'm sure just like me everyone going into the finals will be dropping him after his game on sunday.
  13. What we all need to do is petition yahoo to allow for playoff week changes. The earliest they allow it now is week 22-24. They should make options for weeks starting earlier, as early as like week 18-20, and then options to go all the way to week 24 or whatever but the joke resting period really only starts to get bad in weeks 22 onwards.