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  1. 2018-2019 Auction Values

    At first didnt realize the lower ones were keepers so their prices shocked me but now it makes sense. This looks like a very accurate draft
  2. No he's one of the best players in the league actually. Top 10 two way player in the league
  3. obvious how it changes it - big men that average close to 10 rebs become massively more valuable and guards and sf become less valuable. at least with no turnovers the guards get a boost in that sense to even out the disparity a bit. i would draft 5 bigs in a row in this league probably then fill out rest of team. also guards like CP3, Wall, Lonzo, Rubio, get bumps in value because they rare pg's that can be close to double digit assists (well probably not rubio anymore)
  4. lol the classic $140+ on two top 5 players. it's kinda fun cause you can finish off a joint and a 6 pack before having to worry about picking again, then you just hope that others blew a lot of their budget so you can get some steals very late on the cheap
  5. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Someone is going to take Westbrook 2nd knowing he is gonna miss like 4 weeks with his 100th knee surgery? wtf? westbrook is barely top 10 imo and a DND for me this season.
  6. Markelle Fultz 2018-19 Season Thread

    good fit in punt assist build? assists probably won't be too high for a pg, and he should be pretty good for out of position stuff like rebs/stocks. what round you guys targeting in 12 team or what tier of guards do you put him in?
  7. 100% he will be unleashed a lot more than allen
  8. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    Depends on first round pick. If you went big-big like KAT + Embiid the next round you should focus on a good scoring strong steals guy. Steals very weak with that start so 3rd round targets would be like Middleton, otto porter. Another option is CJ because you fill your pg slot with a top 40 safe player that hits a lot of 3s with pretty good efficiency, that gets almost no value from his assists. Cj issue is the low steals so if you took CJ here you really need to focus steals in next 3 rounds like Gary harris, Covington, Josh Richardson etc. After getting like 2 of that group then go for another big like Myles Turner, Collins, Ayton, Allen, whiteside, etc.
  9. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    You should have taken another big man early. It's too guard heavy for a beast punt assist team. You're blocks are solid but not dominant. Outside of gobert and Adams I dont think any of your players average 1+ block. Steals and 3s are excellent. Points should be good but not elite. Ft% below average. Lacking rebounds. Overall I would have tried to target some mid to late bigs like Collins, ayton, Allen, nance, etc. Picks I dont like: Jabari, saric, brogdon, Taj.
  10. I only play H2H actually. AD finished so much higher than the next guy in 9 cat, KAT, at 1.36 to 1.06 that demonstrates how dominant he is compared to the rest of the field in fantasy. That was with about 1/3rd or more of the season with Cousins there too. After Cousins out AD blew up further and was putting up just stupid astronomical lines for months straight. The only justification for taking anyone over AD in H2H or roto is 8 cat in which case you can take Harden, personally I would still definitely take AD. AD is dominant in every category except for assists and 3s. For 3's, he still gives you a meaningful contribution for a center anyway, and those will probably increase this season as well. His stocks are so damn dominant in H2H, only really Giannis is similar to him in this way. Harden, regardless of 9 cat or 8 cat, is a drag on fg%, and on a cold week, on the volume he shoots, he can solely dictate your fg% in a given week. AD will never destroy a cat for you like that in a week. Turnovers for Harden we don't need to talk about because they are terrible, but if 8 cat that bumps his value a lot. If you wanna talk about it more message me but don't make the mistake of not drafting AD if you have the #1. I can fairly say it's not an opinion, it's an objective fact that he is the dominant clear #1 pick.
  11. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    In my opinion, in 9 cat, Kawhi should be taken no later than 8th. Rankings: 1. AD 2. KAT 3. Harden 4. KD 5. Curry 6. Giannis 7. Lebron 8. Kawhi Personally, I would take him over Lebron just because I'm a Lebron hater and tend to lean towards punting assists with how quickly the elite big men fly off the board in early rounds. If I were to alter those top 8 rankings to reflect a punt assist build, it would be like this: 1. AD 2. KAT 3. KD 4. Curry 5. Kawhi 6. Harden 7. Giannis 8. Lebron
  12. damnnn. i think myles floor is closer to Allen's ceiling this season. to me this is a classic mistake of passing on someone on a down year and falling too heavy into the roto/BBM hype on one of their favorite "sleepers"
  13. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    I think if Embiid is available in the 2nd (assuming PG, Kawhi, Dipo are gone), then you should take him next - over guys like Butler, Gobert, Drummond in a punt assists build. Main reason, when punting assists it can be a challenge to be strong enough in points and 3s because you end up taking less guards generally that score more than big men and sf/pf. With Embiid, you will get the scoring you need and big plus in 3s for a center, you lack those big time with Gobert, but are stronger in rebs, blocks, fg% with Gobert, which I see as less important as a good punt assist team should already be close to the league best in fg% - this is because you focus on big men and efficient wings.
  14. Punt Assists 2018-2019

    They are good fits for the build although both have very low upside but decent floors. Assuming the Bucks play Brook a decent amount, he could be better than expected and maybe return to something close to his Nets days, but I don't think that is very likely. JV is what he is - an efficient big man who will rarely give you a phat line but usually provides something respectable while not hurting you at all. I think these guys are ok to draft after maybe round 6 or so in a 12 team league, earlier than that there are better upside options - such as: Collins (but with the hype he can be gone in the 4th), Whiteside, Ayton, Allen, Nance, etc.
  15. Definitely has the upside but we haven't seen nearly enough from him to be more than a very late round flier (rounds 11-13)