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  1. Just got released by the Braves and passed through waivers unclaimed. Must be some back story to this. Seems like a waste of potential.
  2. Melvin said today Barreto will get a majority of the starts at 2B. As discussed above seems like a good pickup based on the dearth of options. He's been playing SS and CF in minors so would be nice to see him maybe add some positions if possible but right now that doesn't seem likely.
  3. Still a small sample size but he displayed some power in the low minors, maybe the swing change can help him unlock that potential.
  4. I hate the new feature. On the app it doesn't even say its expected and just says its the lineup. That cost me a spot already on a team before I realized. The app is basically usueless as a result because you can't tell what's official and what's not.
  5. Should be playing every day during this series with the DH, at least I hope.
  6. The GM did not hire Mickey, Mickey was there before him. Brodie actually signed Riggleman who is the all time leader in interim manager gigs which gives Brodie the best possible replacement if he wants to fire Mickey. If Mets sink this year Brodie will surely pin it on Mickey to protect himself.
  7. In most leagues you can't hold him. AL only and 14+ 30 man rosters you can.
  8. Givens is still in the game in the 9th sitting on 48 (!) pitches. He just gave up a run on 48th pitch and now being taken out with 2 outs in 9th.
  9. Gary Sanchez salvages his 3 K day with a HR.