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  1. I did...he should basically be added in any 10+ team league where saves is a category. Its naive to think he shouldn't be added.
  2. This thread already netting people a it. Not sure how he "earned it" because he's been terrible this spring. But after he went to the Nats last year he was brilliant. Should be added everywhere. Diamondbacks stuck with Boxberger all of last year through struggles, no reason to believe they wouldn't do the same with Holland.
  3. 90 RBI low if he hits 30 HR and hits .290
  4. Probably not a guy I would draft in any league, but if he gets off to hot start its not totally unreasonable. He did have that crazy year in AAA in 2017, enough for the Yankees to trade for him that year and make him their starting 1B. The lineup and park really dampers any excitement unfortunately.
  5. Gennett doesn't effect situation. WInker needs to outplay Schebler in the early going to secure his spot. He's surely capable.
  6. Its good that he's playing 1B. Probably his best position and least likely to effect his at bats.
  7. Contract year with no discussions of extension. He will surely be motivated.
  8. He hit 20 HR last year including minors, so there is some power. If he can hit 18-22 HR with his high average there's plenty of value. I'd expect more power than speed actually.
  9. If he plays well he won't be batting 9th for long. It's a drain on ABs early on but better off at 9 than 8. He will have plenty of running opportunities batting ahead of Eaton who sees a lot of pitches. Also theoretically should have more chances to steal with less chances of the pitcher being on bases ahead of him. Still very high on Robles. Just about any injury moves him into the top 6, and any Eaton or Turner injury moves him into the top 2 most likely. Just have to be patient for now.
  10. He hasn't had x-rays taken yet we really don't know what the deal is yet. If nothing is broken he shouldn't miss major time, could miss Opening Day but wouldn't be a major injury. Really nothing actionable yet before we hear about x-ray results.
  12. Doesn't do anything with Cron, Austion, Cruz still there.
  13. Potentially gigantic news if it means Eloy will be on the Opening Day roster, which I'd assume is very likely if this deal gets through.