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  1. **** i need Wright and Dorsey to knock two 3’s in the last 6 mins
  2. He could go off the rest this championship week with CJ and now Nurk out
  3. Don’t own 5 players of your fave team. Ball, Ingram, LBJ ***** my playoffs
  4. We are the team battle for 3rd place next week.
  5. When you got too stoned and forgot to set up your lineup on the first day of semis
  6. Im down 4-5 and my season could be over later today....
  7. You guys think he’ll play all 5 games next week?
  8. Out tonight since its a b2b. ***** it’s happening
  9. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Players usually disappear when i add them.
  10. Was tempted but didn’t add when i had a chance to. Go drop. You’d have to wait for the last 5ish games.
  11. The hot thread made me think he was hurt or something smh
  12. That’s 3 more games this week, 4 next week and 3 in the finals. Hope the news comes out asap
  13. Wow what a timing for fantasy playoffs....
  14. The guy doesn’t even look close to 100% tbh
  15. ^ Lakers we’re only around 2.5ish games out of the playoffs in the recent weeks. And now less games left and the margin getting bigger thats.