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  1. Devin Smith Dallas has a ton of injuries. He's a sneaky play.
  2. Tavon Austin was also just ruled out. Cowboys have a lot of people down now. This is getting interesting
  3. Now I just need confirmation Myles Garrett the "QB destroyer" is gonna sit this one out too lolol.
  4. Interesting write up I came across regarding Smith and today's game.
  5. Burkhead. James White is out today they just announced.
  6. I got him as my starting QB with Winston as my backup. I gotta say I'm not sure what to do. I'm not confident in rolling out Goff tomorrow. I hate that feeling.
  7. Interesting site I came across https://sportsinjurypredictor.com After reading through that. It made me go grab his back up. I can't lose that production right now cuz I'm already down 0-2.
  8. I'd recommend to pick up his back up. Wilkins I think. I just have this feeling he's going to injure himself Sunday. He's my main RB. And just have this weird feeling.
  9. I don't believe you watched anything. Nice try though. I mean if you truly did. You must be new to football. Because they completely shut down the run. If you wanted to show an example of what stacked boxes is on a RB. This was the perfect example.
  10. Thanks for contributing something positive. Great take. I can see you just looked at the box score. Next time watch the game. It will give you a better understanding then some stats on a paper.
  11. Nah the defense entire game plan tonight was to shut him out. To shut down the run completely. They know how much he's relied on. It's actually predictable. You can literally see it. Before he even gets the damn ball there's stacked boxes right there waiting for him. Throw in the bad play calling and the Thursday night garbage game as usual. And you have this dud.
  12. Don't worry next week your league mate will bench him and he'll go for 1000 yards and 6TDs on his bench 😂
  13. Fournette has been facing stacked boxes all game smh
  14. Not his fault this time. I know you guys are watching this.