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  1. Looks like a lost season underway... is he a hold in dynasty leagues or time to give up and make better use of his roster spot?
  2. You guys keep saying he’s made of glass but wasn’t most of his trouble last year due to a botched surgery after his his previous ankle injury that resulted in a second surgery? That’s not Birds fault. I will agree that he missed a ton of development time during a very crucial point in his career and may not be able to recover from that and get his career back on track.
  3. Took me a minute to realize Huerter has a shirt on in this photo
  4. Except I’m losing my matchup and could’ve used him today, so I’m not laughing
  5. At this point, I’m more surprised when he actually plays.
  6. Thank God Vince “ Future of the Franchise” Carter got 45 minutes! One minute for every birthday he’s had!
  7. This is gonna sound like a wacky idea... but maybe put the ball in somebody’s hands other than Zach lavine at the end of the game? Maybe let Lauri take a shot at it? Geezus Christ
  8. Again, I own in him in a dynasty league. I didn’t draft him this year. I’ve never wished harm on him, I just want him to play basketball since he’s healthy and being paid to play. Nothing incompetent about that.
  9. What if I owned him in a dynasty league since before all this drama? I would have more understanding if the Raps sat out Lowry since he’s like 100 years old and not necessarily what you’d call in great shape. But kawhi is not injured. He’s not old. If they can win without him and they only want him healthy for the playoffs , then why play him at all? Sit him out the whole season and see ya in round 1 . What if in the one game out of the next five that he plays, he breaks his leg? You can’t predict injuries and this “ load management” stuff if asinine, no matter who is calling the shots. You’re healthy. You’re getting paid (very well). Play the f*cking game. I can’t imagine being teammates with this guy.
  10. Gordon Hayward missed all of last season too. How many games is he sitting out for load management?
  11. Gonna be a real laugher when the playoffs roll around and he develops a mysterious groin injury and doesn’t play at all in the playoffs then signs with the Clips this summer. Raptors are getting taken for a ride.
  12. For the ones of you with jobs, call your boss in the morning and tell them you aren’t coming in tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t feel like coming in because you’re saving yourself for a higher paying job somewhere else. And say by the way , I’m gonna not come in next Monday, Wednesday, or Friday , either. See how that goes for you.