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  1. In a dynasty league, there is only a handful of players I’d trade Gleyber for.
  2. With his remaining schedule , you might wish they had shut him down lol
  3. I wish you were in my leagues.
  4. And course it’ll be Boone that is fined for post-game comments, no matter how accurate.
  5. I knew that. The wording of the other post was confusing. The poster was quoting the numbers on Sixtos last 5 games and then insinuated that a change of scenery was the reason for this success.
  6. What trade? Did he get traded and I missed it?
  7. He had a major oblique injury which I’m sure is still affecting his swing and probably will the rest of the season. Even if the injury itself is 100% healed, there is still the mental component.
  8. He can’t ruin your playoffs if you don’t make the playoffs 😭
  9. No, but I’m not criticizing the medical staff about a situation I know nothing about?
  10. Do you even know what is ailing him? How can you pass judgment on the medical staff when you don’t even know for sure what’s going on and/or what they are doing?
  11. Anyone holding in a dynasty hoping they go back to the old ball next season and he gets it back?
  12. Done. Can’t even put up a decent start against BAL. These juiced balls really did a number on you , Masa. Sorry it has to be this way.
  13. What the actual ****. I give up on 2019.
  14. Guys... Aguilar is probably hitting .600 in 10 career AB against that ONE pitcher that they MIGHT face if they HAPPEN to make the playoffs. God, Cash is so smart!