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  1. Ya, I got a little overzealous there on memory. Still 217 innings in a lost season is ridiculous in my opinion. Harvey in his great season was 178IP. So they had Degrom pitch 40 more innings than Harvey's best season. They literally learned nothing!
  2. Matt Harvey 2.0. A LOT of people forget that Harvey was the best pitcher in baseball for a season or two. The Mets just overwork these guys to death. There was absolutely nothing to play for last season and they got him going 9 innings every week for shutouts lmao
  3. Dude was crucified for 3 seasons in the AL, comes to a hitters park in the NL at 35, and it's like NL batters have never seen a lefty before when he throws. I understand NOTHING about pitching.
  4. I said something was really wrong after that last start and peeps called me cray.
  5. Dude could be a top 10 starter in the league (and was their #1 prospect for several years too) and he’s going to the pen lmfao He looked absolutely ridiculous last night. Why not send Maeda to the pen, who will end up there anyways?
  6. 5 home runs in 2 games and a ton of walks tonight. Very weird to see. Arm strain?
  7. There are many questions as to whether OBJ is a diva team killer. We'll find out real fast if that's true or not.
  8. Brees has literally said over 100 times, he's playing to 45, and after seeing Brady win a title at 42, I don't think anyone is going to stand in his way. Bridgewater not taking more money to start is the saddest thing I've seen this offseason.
  9. What a coward. Would rather hold a clipboard for 4 years than try to see if he's starter material in Miami. Geesh. Foles goes for it, and this guy literally makes himself obsolete.
  10. I like Hopkins, OBJ, Julio, Brown (I still think Carr is quite accurate on short throws and Brown makes a lot of his own highlight reels; the praise of Big Ben making AB is totally 2018's highlights...AB literally breaks off 7 screen passes for insane gains all on his own), Adams, TY Hilton has a big bounce back with a better 2 and much more respect for Ebron...don't be surprised if TY doesn't end at the top of yards.
  11. Well I wasn't in there. No way I would drop money on Eli Manning last year lol I mean there's still HUGE question marks on OBJ's desire to be a champion. That's why who knows what happens and why I say 'on paper, this is the most ridiculous talent I can recall in a long time'. But obviously OBJ the jury is out if he's just a clown, if there will be chemistry, how good the coaching will be, is Baker really the MAN? So who knows what happens...still 'on paper' it's frightening.
  12. That's insane if true. With what defense was that gonna happen? And Eli was literally benched for Geno Smith people. He was suddenly going to have a new body?
  13. No way the Giants had a Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward on defense. Collins and Apple are pretty good, but no way he's at those 2 level. Then add in that Baker is going into his 2nd season, and Eli has had a broken body for several years now. So no, not even close to the same in my book. The Giants also can't even come close to matching Landry at WR2, or Hunt at RB2 (which is simply laughable honestly).
  14. Simple Jack could coach this level of talent to the playoffs though. That starting lineup on both sides is just stupid, I mean absolutely stupid on paper.
  15. I guess we will all see if OBJ is just talent with no heart for winning. Obviously that's what the Giants were thinking. I can't believe they didn't get at least a 1st and 2nd at least, if not a 1st this year and a 1st next year. But damn, I can't believe they didn't want OBJ with Haskins...unless they actually don't like Haskins at all, or any of the QB's in this draft...which could be very possible... which makes OBJ more expendable as they go full rebuild