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  1. He’s been doing that for a while now. He’s got a few things goin on upstairs, just let the lil guy make noises.
  2. I’d take Kawhi over Conley no doubt. Memphis has a crap PO schedule too, unless you have a first round bye.
  3. Meh screw it, dropping him for a Sunday add. Got Covington comin off of IL soon and I’ll need the spot anyway.
  4. I trade for Turner and he bruises his hip over the all-star break and has a multi game absence. Still haven't used him, down 3 blocks. Good times
  5. I think he’s gonna have some value playing with Lebron.
  6. Wonder if this guy is gonna dust off the ol’ sneaks and put out a little production last third of the season. That’d be neat.
  7. Seriously. Must be a lot of 15 year olds owning Kawhi in fantasy this year.
  8. He gave political answers all around. The point is he’s not against a Boston as many tried to create. Even AD won’t know his feelings in 18 months. We’ll see.
  9. Shocking to seemingly 80% of people who posted here treating the fake list as absolute truth.
  10. Oh weird, the list was fake. And Boston was added. I said this on 2/5. Tellin ya, you can’t believe this stuff until you see a quote from a player or an event actually happens.
  11. He left with Rich Paul and went and got an MRI