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  1. Did he get injured? 2 points in 9 minutes 1-5 fg
  2. every 7 minutes, he scored a single point smh
  3. RIP Weekly H2H Fantasy, it is obsolete with today's NBA.
  4. Jabari parker 0-6 now after his last disastrous game. Never had a worse semifinal.
  5. Semis officially over. Would have, could have, should have dropped Lavine a few days ago. Fragile bunch of players in the NBA.
  6. Rudy Gobert no blocks in the current and previous game, not going to come close to winning blocks in semi's
  7. Coming off a 28 point game, why is he still not playing and it is the 5 minute mark of the 1st!!???
  8. Someone like Paul George can lead you to being the #1 seed, then after missing a few games, and returning to play, he forgets how to play basketball and is the reason you lose the semi's.
  9. I kept checking, cause would have dropped if he wasn't playing, but read that he WAS going to play. This is ridiculous, I can't even add someone now cause he is not on my bench.
  10. Cousins 0-5 three's 4-12 overall (once dependable) Kd 0-5 three's 5-16 overall Otto Porter 1-5 three's 3-11 overall Paul George (still sitting in IL) 4-14 three's 8-25 overall That was just Tuesday night. Already forgot about Middleton and Bledsoe combining for 1-13 three's and 6-28 overall Monday night. Never seen anything like this season!