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  1. Any news about him. Is he worth the stash given nets are stacked up
  2. well he is still good for me. well fg really had taken hit. and i think it wont go up that fast. but i do hope he would average 2 steals.
  3. well he is perfect for fg% punt team. hope he will get more assists.
  4. well ingles is still a better player. he might be struggling lately. but still would not drop him for anderson. i know anderson is hot lately but still ingles has better threes and assists.
  5. you are giving up a lot sir. well i am not fond of sabonis due to lack of his defensive stats.. i would probably hold.
  6. haha. well he is 88% owned in yahoo. well maybe in an 8 team league he might not get owned. but i still agree they are lots of blurbs and biases.
  7. well would still go for lillard. but they are pretty close.. given health of kyrie. then it is really possible he might get rested later this season. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/739309-beal-fox-for-my-oladipo-conley/
  8. i am not fond of 3 in 1 trades. i need to know potential pick ups to know if you are giving too much. adams is good and have a potential for double double.
  9. i am not fond of kyrie due to his injury history. and celts are pretty stacked up. reducing his monster games..
  10. well booker - ayton is good. you can also offer booker + player for capela. i would not get gasol as well as he is not good lately. but you can get turner. he is heating up now. booker - aldridge is good too.
  11. well i am not fond of 3 to 1 trades. so i might not consider it. well i dont know if he would accept your offer ball allen for hield millsap. but if he would you will win.
  12. forbes for teague as well. though i would not yet at dedmon.
  13. Got him as well. I am expecting not as good as the utah season but this is way worse. Since my league is deep cant drop him. Hope he turns it around this year. Still hoping a 13/4/4 average. With above 40% fg and 80% ft. And least 1 three a game.
  14. Should i offer this trade? Who wins in your opinion. Is this vetoable? Want to improve my playoff schedule Below is my team Current team TOWNS-OLADIPO-CONLEY-GREEN-HORFORD-HARDAWAY-HAYWARD-SCHRODER-DINWIDDIE-ARIZA- GIBSON-PAYTON-WADE CURRENTLY IN 5TH