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  1. NFL network just said they expect him to be involved today so at least thats a good sign
  2. just read he is starting and will see ample playing time...im going with him because my next best option is Ebron
  3. how do we feel about him today? im liking his chances at 4-5 catches
  4. I’m honestly thinking about starting him this weekend over Ebron... cinch game should be a blowout and he should get some opportunities maybe around 5-6 targets
  5. agree but I don't really want him in NE..would prefer to see him in NO or GB if I had to choose lol
  6. disagree...AJ's route running is far superior than Josh Gordon's and I think he would have massive success in this offense (both short and intermediary passes)
  7. https://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/17/te-josh-oliver-practices-as-a-full-participant-thursday/ Can he produce this week against Cincy?
  8. im all aboard this hype train! if Geronimo/Davante are out I think he is a must start.
  9. its Wednesday....calm down. Thursday should tell us more unless he is getting traded and that's why he is sitting out
  10. need a strong performance from Sony!!!! hope they keep him involved in passing game
  11. I feel like rivera knows they have to stop evans but we will see. I expect Evans to have a better game this week as im hoping Arians will put an emphasis on it.
  12. True but he can turn a slant route into a long td...that's what im hoping for haha
  13. I think Diggs redeems himself this week! just a hunch
  14. think he was a full participant today! should be ready for Monday night I think.