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  1. Sony Michel 2018 Outlook

    Yesterday was a pretty bad game script and as others have mentioned, the Pats as a whole looked terrible. Michel had his touches limited, and still got a goal-line carry from like the 1-2 yard line - he scores that and no one is saying anything considering it was his first game back...Not too worried yet.
  2. James White 2018 Outlook

    He’s fine. Was heavily involved in the last Pats drive culminating in two straight chances on the goal line for him. And he scored. What a beast.
  3. Pick up and start DJax? WHIR!

    Ya I’d probably drop Ridley because I wouldn’t start him or Baldwin - but still a small chance they start using him more.
  4. Diggs for Adams? WHIR

    Absolutely not - you don’t need more WR depth unless you’re gearing up for a trade or something. You need to keep your alpha. That’s Adams
  5. Add Stafford for this week? WHIR

    Ya like the Stanford pick up
  6. Week 9 Help - WHIR!

    Yeah Sutton. Scantling - looked great last two games and will be throwing against NE. Probably Kerryon for ceiling, but Ekeler is a super safe floor if Gordon sits. Sutton, Moore, and Smith. You could do Baldwin over Smith but he hasn’t shown he has a higher floor or ceiling this year...
  7. Davante for Sanders and Michel? (100% WHIR)

    Bump! Any advice?
  8. 10 team league/0.5 PPR. I don't really want to give up Adams, and I could stay pat and be fine. That being said, think I could use an upgrade at RB as I don't quite trust Carson or Drake - and could potentially package one of them up for a WR to an RB-needy team if this deal goes through. Thoughts? QB: Brady WR: Adams/Evans/Hilton/Golladay/Ammendola RB: Gurley/Drake/Carson/Richards TE: Kittle/Graham
  9. Trade Help - Drake for WR Depth WHIR

    Not sure why would you would trade Drake for any of those guys. Maybe Davis, but not Ridley or Boyd. You seem very strong at WR with Evans/AJ/Diggs.
  10. Nyheim Hines 2018 Outlook

    Wilkins looked good. They weren't using Hines right at all, but he did get a lot of touches given the game script and lack of other options. This will be more muddled when Mack returns. I don't think many folks are going to be buying -- so my view is he's a hold/wait and see, but I certainly think expectations should be tempered given the way he was deployed and the environment. Still a good pick up IMO for now.
  11. James White 2018 Outlook

    Didn't do anything in the second unforunately, as they ran with Michel more and Brady found some other guys for targets. That being said, can't complain - another strong outing for Mr. White!
  12. Wish they used White more. He is a beast
  13. Rate my team-should I make a trade? WHIR

    Your team is strong but not stellar -- which means you don't need to feel pressured to do anything yet. Things should turnaround in terms of standings. I would try to consolidate for talent (test the waters with some of the options folks above mention), but don't feel pressured to do so. Because of the league rules, you have a lot of flexibility and should really just get the BPA available for WR/RB.