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  1. Stills or Davis ros WHIR

    I agree with Davis. I like his volume of targets.
  2. Who wins? Whir

    Yeah I agree with everyone else.
  3. Better Roster Hold - Alf or Clement?

    Clement for sure. They have a better offense and line plus the guy ahead of him has a history of injuries.
  4. D Thomas or Will Fuller ROS? WHIR

    I actually prefer Fuller. Watson loves to go to him. Only problem is he is injury prone it seems.
  5. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    Returned to practice today.
  6. Goodwin for Gordon

    I would go for it for sure. Gordon has the higher potential.
  7. Rex Burkhead 2018 Outlook

    Yeah I probably will. I have plenty of other options I can play over him so I don't need to hold him.
  8. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    If you are really desperate for a wide receiver the highest I would go is probably $16 but that really depends on who else is available. In most leagues it seems like there are several guys out there that can put up starter level weeks. In leagues that Josh Gordon was dropped in during the weekend, what percentage of FAAB are you all bidding?
  9. Help with trade offer. WHIR always.

    This is for half point per reception. I rescinded it for now but I am pretty sure he would take the offer. Any other offers that might look better? I think this guy is my best bet for making something happen.
  10. Need a FLEX start, WHIR!!

    Ryan Grant for me as well.
  11. Help with trade offer. WHIR always.

    What about Rex Burkhead and Nelson Agholor for Brandin Cooks and Kerryon Johnson? The other owner is thinking about it. Should I keep the offer out there or rescind the offer?
  12. Drop Will Dissly for Kerryon Johnson?

    Absolutely. Will had his best game of the season last week. I do not see him being a contributor ROS.
  13. Start Cobb, Davis, or Marshall?

    I would go with Davis. He is the clear cut number one and is guaranteed targets.
  14. Who should I drop for a def? WHIR

    I would drop Njoku personally. No reason to roster two tight ends unless a bye week.
  15. I am trying to upgrade my wide receivers. I found a pretty good trade candidate based off their team. Here are my running backs and wide receivers: RB: Melvin Gordon, James Conner, Alex Collins, Kenyan Drake, Rex Burkhead, Sony Michel, Austin Eckler WR: Deandre Hopkins, Corey Davis, Marquise Goodwin, Quincy Enunwa, Nelson Agholor, Mike Williams Here are their running backs and wide receivers RB: Ezekiel Elliot, Joe Mixon, Kerryon Johnson, James White, Matt Breida, Ronald Jones WR: Michael Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Brandin Cooks, Jordy Nelson, Courtland Sutton, Tre'quan Smith I would like to trade two guys for one because I am very interested in picking up Corey Clement. Right now I am thinking Rex Burkhead and Nelson Agholor for Brandin Cooks but wanted to get some input. Thank you and please leave links.