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  1. Kanter for Nurk??

    for the end of the bench dudes i'd probably just go with whichever of them i subjectively like more... kanter for me.
  2. simmons is more fun to own but it's really tough to take the hit in FT% if you aren't already punting it. middleton is boring but consistent. even knowing this, i'd be tempted to take simmons tho haha.
  3. Too much for Biyombo? WHIR

    i'd be deeply personally offended if someone asked for my covington in this trade. get this s--- out of here.
  4. Do i pull the trigger? 100% WHIR

    how many teams, are you punting anything, what place are you in, blah blah blah

    it's just a little much dude. especially when it's something obvious like keeping durant in this scenario. didn't you say you were in 5th or something somehow with that roster? starting to think something smells weird here.
  6. Trade Conley ?? WHIR 100%

    i like ellington a lot, but you can get someone like ellington on the wire within about a week. you can't get someone like conley, who also has a great playoff schedule by the way. how i wish i was in a league with some of you guys.
  7. Who wins this trade WHIR

    Is Teague worth the downgrade from Tyreke to DeRozan? I'd say no in a vacuum but with playoff schedules, probably.
  8. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He hasn't been a guy with lingering health issues in the past, has he? Sucks he's been hurt, and his current injuries are absolutely something to monitor. But unless you guys know more about his current injuries than I do, I think it's premature to think they're going to linger & that he can't fulfill the top-25 potential he showed last year (while playing 81 games). Adams is nice and very reasonable, but he doesn't have Turner's upside. And Millsap struggled much like Myles when he did play... also seems to be on the wire in a lot of leagues (which is ridiculous, but it's fair to say indicative of much lower value IMO). His playoff schedule sucks but if I can buy low, I will. Goes without saying probably, but I think dropping Myles is absolutely insane. Again, assuming you guys don't know anything I don't. Seems like he'll probably be back & full-strength after the all-star break.
  9. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    myles is buy-low city if you're a lock for the playoffs.
  10. Kawhi Trade

    we need a kawhi mega-thread as every other goddamn offer lately is about him. i agree with all others, i'd personally take beal OR whiteside alone for kawhi and not look back. if he does come back in time, he's still going to miss games and play low minutes. people need to move on from this kawhi as top-5 fixation for this year, unfortunately.
  11. Is this trade vetoable? WHIR

    Agree, and the circumstances are definitely suspect as you stated. Seen this too many times.
  12. Porzingis vs. Kawhi. Help

    i'd literally rather lose or completely restructure my team than trade zingis for middleton or equivalent value (which is what you got with injured kawhi). but hey, that's just me.
  13. Tatum for brolo and Avery

    Tatum all day
  14. Big trade, 4 for 4, WHIR

    I'd say you won that. Be careful owning Gasol in both leagues tho lol he might piss you off down the stretch.