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  1. Honestly i've had him since December but i've never held him for anything other than blocks. So if you're expecting 15pts 17rbs thats not gonna happen. Those high pts/rbs games were when Deandre was out and doesn't seem like the Knicks are gonna keep him on the bench. He can win you the blks category and to me thats golden. I would say you're gonna get 6-8 points a game with maybe 7-10rbs but he'll get you 2-4 blocks a game
  2. Really Kemba, 4 of 16 and 0 ft ?? You couldn't pick a better time could you
  3. I wouldn't but then again it depends on what you need since you talking about 2 different type players, if you're don't need the blocks then yea drop him. Don't forget he has 4 games next week
  4. agree. Damn u brought Biedrins ? lol thats some knowledge right there.
  5. hope u grabbed him, kid stood out tonight
  6. yea its just not his night.. i think sometimes we forget he's a 20 yr old rookie
  7. yea main reason i grabbed him but 34 pts ? im impressed, did not see it coming
  8. seems like it. hes getting minutes in the 30's and if Luka is out he might get more.. plus he's got 4 games next week. I think he's a pretty decent add based on his last 3 games
  9. thanks guys. i always have a soft spot for players i draft..Try to stick with them through the whole season but he's just been bad for the exception of a few games. I went ahead and pulled to trigger on Brunson.
  10. so is everyone dropping ? im just torn due to the playoff schedule but he really hasn't done sh*t lately. Jalen brunson ? (4games next week) frank jackson maybe? not much else left, larry nance? whats everyone doing. terrence ross 2 games next week) and taurean prince out there also. Mostly looking for production all around, not really hurting anywhere except 3s