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  1. If the trade window hasn't been an issue before now, you should make it clear to everyone that the 48 hr trade window was a mistake, and if there are any trades you'll push them through as soon as they want. You don't want the appearance of abusing your power.
  2. Seems like a fair trade. I don't see any problem with it. I don't even know which side they think is unbalanced. I don't have any problem with it getting pushed through either, due to the Thursday night game.
  3. You gave up way too much but it shouldn't be vetoed. Wentz by himself should have been plenty to get Brown, and even that's giving up a lot. He's currently the #8 QB
  4. In fact I'm playing Evans, Woods, and Sutton over McLaurin (though Sutton is banged-up and if it's looking like he can't play, I'm going with Terry.)
  5. Get whatever you can for AB because I don't think any other team is gonna touch him.I think he's done.
  6. Lost Brees this week so I'm looking for a replacement. 2 QB, 12 team league leaves pretty slim pickings on the waiver wire. The only starting QBs available are: Bridgewater, Rudolph, Falk/Siemian, Minshew, and Fitzpatrick. So basically rank: Bridgewater, Rudolph, Minshew for the rest of the season. I'll help in return.
  7. I think I'm gonna have to drop him. They're saying 6-8 weeks for surgical recovery, and additional time for regaining strength and flexibility in his hand, and IR is a possibility. I don't have an IR spot in my league either so I'm gonna have to drop someone (Brees, or Henry if I decide to chance it and hang onto Brees, though I think Henry has a better chance of coming back and being a factor this season.) Being in a 12 team, 2 QB league has left us only Siemian, Fitzpatrick, and Mishnew as available QBs (and now Bridgewater and Rudolph, I guess.) This sucks, but that's fantasy football 🤷‍♂️
  8. Melvin Gordon just got dropped. 12 team league. Worth spending my remaining $33/100 on him or not worth the hassle? (I already spent most of my FAAB for the year this week.)
  9. I'd go with Carr. It could turn into a shootout and the last time they played, Carr got 400 yards and 3 TDs.
  10. Need advice for my 3rd WR spot. Last week I played Marvin Jones, and he's looking like the 4th receiving option for Detroit so I'm considering other options. Besides Jones, I've got Courtland Sutton, Terry McClaurin, and Marquise Brown (assuming he plays, he's got questionable tags at the moment.) Who to play?
  11. No way of knowing until an announcement about AB's game availability is made. If he's on your team I wouldn't drop him, but make sure you have a backup plan.
  12. Close call but I'm leaning towards Allen. Giants D stunk last week and they're weak against running QBs. Neither one looked great last week but Allen ended up putting some numbers on the board where Cam didn't.
  13. I wouldn't want to start 2 Tampa Bay receivers. I'd go with just Evans and hope he puts up WR1 numbers. I'd rank the other options: Thompson, Ross, Brown Thompson and Ross and pretty even, and Brown slightly down from those two. Thompson will get some work sharing RB duties with AP, plus be involved in the passing game so the PPR will help you there. I like Ross too but I think Thompson is guaranteed more touches.
  14. $100 budget. I way overspent but got McLaurin for $37 and Malcolm Brown for $30. Hollywood was still available when I woke up this morning so I picked him up for free. Someone else picked up Ross for $8. I probably could have got my guys cheaper, but it doesn't bother me to spend my FAAB. Maybe it will backfire, but the way I see it, you gotta be bold to win. After week 2 it's almost all injury replacement pickups anyway.
  15. He flew under the radar in my league. I got him in the 9th round, 12 team league. And I got him as my 2nd TE: I picked up Engram in the 7th.