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  1. 12 team PPR. The other team has Lat Murray. I would trade him Connor/Bell/Dalvin Cook I would get Zeke/Aaron Jones Should I make this trade? Looks like if Cook doesn't come back this week, he'll be good after their bye week so should I stand pat? Thanks
  2. I know it hasn't been pretty but I'd hold Davis for another week. His target share has gone down but I'd like to see what happens after the bye week. If you decide to drop him, I'd pick up Coutee.
  3. I'm a big Gordon fan but since I have some depth at WR and Evans is past his bye week, would you trade Josh Gordon and Tevin Coleman for Mike Evans?
  4. you dropped your kicker and still need to drop 2 additional players?
  5. In a PPR, If you own both Conner and Bell, what value would you give that for trade purposes? When Bell returns, who knows how it will play out on the field but I assume anyone who owns both would be looking for a stud back in any trade, correct? Just getting the pulse of the fantasy community. If you were offered both for your WR1, would you be willing to do it?
  6. You definitely overpayed but it's not a crazy in a PPR. I hope it's a PPR
  7. Very close. I think the fact that you have MT, I would do it. Upgrading at RB and TE is good enough here based on your team
  8. Just to pile on, I'd jump on that. He's coming back at some point.
  9. 12 team PPR. 1.25 for TE. Was just offered DJ and Kelce for Bell/Connor/Jordan Reed The DJ situation is very concerning. Would anyone jump on this? I'm torn about it.