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  1. Probably foster and Pettis. Too hard to trust CJA in the championship not really knowing his usage. Thanks for mine.
  2. I’m going back and forth between MIA and CLE. Right now I have Miami plugged in.
  3. All Knowing is just trolling everybody hard. No way someone is that opinionated about Ware and DWill.
  4. Hopefully he didn’t hurt that ankle too badly.
  5. Yeah I think McGuire and Mack have similar crap matchups, but I’m thinking since McGuire catches some passes I’ll roll him out there.
  6. The good news is the chiefs lost. So, if you happen to make it to your championship at least their next game is still meaningful and the starters will be all systems go.
  7. Pick one for my Flex: Mack vs DAL McGuire vs HOU Drake @ MIN I currently have McGuire penciled in. Let me know what you think and leave a link! WHIR!
  8. Dude was a stud...until the inevitable broken leg.
  9. Seems to be. Great matchup. Aaaaaand my RBs are a mess so he’s sitting in my flex spot for now.
  10. I’m definitely monitoring the situation. I think the chargers are pretty tough against TEs too, so it could open up guys like Conley and Ware for big days.
  11. It’s hard not to look at ceilings. I’m staring at my decimated RB corps (after the Hunt fiasco) with Ware, Mack, and Drake thinking I need SOMEONE to start at my flex who could boom. Seriously considering Zay here over Mack. Or Conley…if Mahomes (my QB) connects with him for a long td, which he almost did last week, it could put me over the top. Those potential high ceilings are intriguing…