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  1. Bringing back the old Whiteside, as in Sacramento Whiteside
  2. Is this guy close to becoming relevant again? More stable minutes the last few games, even having a decent workload with DeAndre back tonight, and versatile skillset for a big. I say you could do worse if you missed out on Powell, RoLo, Zeller, or MitchRob
  3. Nearly 3.5 years after a hype start to the fantasy season as a Brandan Wright clone, he has finally arrived
  4. Well alas I will eat some crow. That being said I'm still trying to find ways to fit Bam on my team.
  5. Looking more and more likely this guy is a drop candidate if I don't get a bye in my fantasy playoffs next week. It's clear as day he's not a great presence and Spoelstra will take any excuse to bench him.
  6. Averaging 17/10/1/1/2 since being featured in SLAM magazine
  7. Who needs AD when you can build around Kenrich Williams
  8. Him listed at GTD again locks anyone's FA adds until you activate him for some nice 5 minutes of production. A bit of an annoyance, wishful thinking they'd just stick the INJ tag until the Cavs decide to give him at least 20 min.