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  1. If only Boban could find a team that'd be willing to give him starter minutes.... He'd be amazing for fantasy.
  2. Gary Harris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The threes he took were open, just didn't knock them down tonight at a good clip. Off the ball he was awesome, setting up screens, making the extra pass.. doesn't show up on the stat sheet but he's instrumental in the nuggets offense and defense. Should have plenty more big nights with Millsap gone.
  3. Dude was toying with the bulls... Really this game was over by half time. Helps that Durant and Dray took a rest day.
  4. Faried is back!!!! He was awesome tonight. Watched the game and he really helped that offense roll since his man had to stick to him on offense clearing the lane, and he got some timely offensive rebounds. Really has a good connection with jokic, and main thing coach trusted him in the 4th quarter. Don't know what he did to get back on coaches good side but hope he keeps it up!!!
  5. With the recent Gobert injury, Udoh looks like a DEEP league add. Or at least on your watch list! Especially those looking for blocks! Obviously the most recent game without Gobert vs Nets wasn't a good look for Udoh since he had 4 fouls and the Nets like to play small. Next match-up is versus the MIN Wolves, which also isn't great since that would mean he'd be up again KAT. But there's plenty of minutes to soak up w/o Gobert. I think a reasonable projection would be: 7pts, 7boards, and 2blocks for the next 4-6 weeks w/o Gobert.
  6. Not bad matching up with LeBron... Honestly was expecting a crap love from him today, so loving what he did today regardless... Just wish his blocks would go up a bit.
  7. Austin Rivers 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Seriously.. love the production and the steals but damn dude at least learn to shoot fts!!! His %s are wack.
  8. Underrated number 1 9-cat roto stud? Dude straight up ballin in only 3 quarters. Kinda weird to see him valued so low with all the hype around guys like Giannis, KD, Towns, etc..
  9. David Nwaba 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    what a shame.... saw the injury.. he stepped on Jameer Nelson's foot as he was running full speed and was trying to change directions to avoid the charge.. looked brutal. Pretty sure he'll be out for a couple weeks because of this...
  10. Zach Randolph 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    And ZBo is fantasy relevant again..... He's the Kings scoring option #1.. no one else can seem to score very well on this squad.
  11. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    He also has a 6'10 wingspan. He averaged 16-5-2 with 2 3's and 2 stls w/ 1.6 Tos in college. And averaged 15-2-3 with 3.3steals per game in Summer League. He's got crazy length and will definitely be in the top 15 in steals this year.
  12. Dragan Bender's 2017-2018 Fantasy Outlook

    Keep in mind this kid is only 19 years old, and last year he was dealing with an ankle injury. If he gets the minutes he could be a surprise deep league player. Potential for a 1-1-1 3s,stl,blk combo... But not much else. Thinking along the lines of Danny green without any chance of an offensive explosion
  13. Yup agree with above, he's a specialist type of player. But I did get to use him last year for a stretch when he was starting. He had top 80 value because he had crazy FG% on obviously low attempts cuz they were all putbacks, but great boards, a steal and 2-3 blks on basically no turnovers since he never handled the ball or had any set plays for him. If JV out for any extended time could be useful for a stretch
  14. Austin Rivers 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Hopefully he's gotten that crap out of his system. The positives he's got a green light to shoot... And he leads the bench with 26+mins, and played PG,SG,SF. Ideally looking at 1.5 3s 13pts, 3 Reb, 3ast, and a stl. A decent deep league player.
  15. Markieff Morris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Nothing much to see here but more of the same, glad he's cleared of any charges, so should be good to go once he gets back from his injury. Smith should be a viable substitute while he's out.