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  1. It's just aggravate, and no I don't think it ever healed. He says it hurts to dribble, pass, shoot, etc. Sounds terrifying for me as a Davis owner ;-; HAPPY THOUGHTS
  2. If only he could play trae young every game
  3. I think a big reason why he isn't getting steals is because the suns entire team are bad at defending besides ariza. For the offense he just isn't shooting the ball well this season ever since the first game.
  4. Yes do it, your team name has been true so far with davis getting hurt (day to day). With the name change I think we can all agree LeVert will average 35/15/15
  5. He got 17 shots dude calm down, theres only one thing thats missing and that's 3's. He's not taking as many attempts this year and not shooting the attempts he does take very well either.
  6. Crazy how despite how well Turner was playing they stuck with sabonis for the entire 4th Q over turner
  7. Players play with soreness and minor injuries all the time
  8. I knew he didn't get a lot of rebounds but 1... even darren collison has more
  9. Well at least theres a good chance he won't aggravate it on defense!