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  1. It's just aggravate, and no I don't think it ever healed. He says it hurts to dribble, pass, shoot, etc. Sounds terrifying for me as a Davis owner ;-; HAPPY THOUGHTS
  2. If only he could play trae young every game
  3. I think a big reason why he isn't getting steals is because the suns entire team are bad at defending besides ariza. For the offense he just isn't shooting the ball well this season ever since the first game.
  4. Yes do it, your team name has been true so far with davis getting hurt (day to day). With the name change I think we can all agree LeVert will average 35/15/15
  5. He got 17 shots dude calm down, theres only one thing thats missing and that's 3's. He's not taking as many attempts this year and not shooting the attempts he does take very well either.
  6. Crazy how despite how well Turner was playing they stuck with sabonis for the entire 4th Q over turner
  7. Players play with soreness and minor injuries all the time
  8. I knew he didn't get a lot of rebounds but 1... even darren collison has more
  9. Well at least theres a good chance he won't aggravate it on defense!
  10. I'm assuming you left out Porzingis because he is not playing right now. But I agree with you although from what i've seen dotson's offensive game is much more smooth imo but probably not as many stocks as the lord.
  11. That's tough, I wouldn't use a 1st-3rd claim on him. Too bad you won't be able to see him play another game before he clears waivers. If he gets double digit shot attempts this year i would do it but who knows with that rotation.
  12. He was rated 37 on BBM last year, not sure how to look up adp last year but I'm pretty sure it was around 30
  13. I don't like that he isn't attempting as many threes as usual during this slump, just keep shooting!
  14. I think it was the wizards game where the heat guards would drive and washington's center would help on the ball and they would repeatedly go for a challenged shot vs passing
  15. Why do people keep thinking ayton will make a bunch of 3's this year, he has not even attempted one through 4 games?