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  1. The Detroit Lions should go all out to get this guy. Pair him with Kerryon and they might have the best RB tandem in the league. I'm sure their would be some media backlash for a week or so but some team is going to sign him anyway so why not Detroit. They definitely have to do something daring to improve their franchise.
  2. Tough call, but I would go with Damien. help:
  3. I would roll with Dalvin Cook! help:
  4. Watson for sure. help:
  5. I would most definitely start Baker over Rodgers today. help:
  6. I think that I would roll with Robby Anderson. Him and Darnold seem to be clicking lately. help:
  7. Brady for sure. You will be guaranteed decent points. help:
  8. Championship on the line! Which 2 of these 3 WR would you start? Robert Foster Robert Woods TY Hilton Thanks, WHIR!!
  9. My opponent that I'm playing against for the championship is starting Rivers, so I'm starting Williams in the hope that Rivers goes his way a lot!
  10. I would roll with Chubb, Mixon, and Cook. I like their matchups better. Good luck!