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  1. Picked him up cause of the schedule, even though I've been burnt before. #regrets
  2. It's a rejoin league - this is our 5th season. And there is precedent of this occuring in our very first season.
  3. I thought they corrected that. While it doesn't change what happens in my specific scenario, it's good to know.
  4. The gap between #1 and #2 is 0.5 games. I bench my entire squad, I lose 8-1. #1 guy's team punts FG and TO, so can't win by more then 7-2. And even if it does, I'd rather face either the current #1/#2 guys (who are slumping) than the #3/#4 guys (who are surging). The #3 guy, for example, has a stacked roster that consists of Kawhi, Butler, CP3, Lillard, Horford and solid WW picks.
  5. So here's a conundrum. 9-Cat 12-team H2H, top 8 teams make playoffs, and #1 in the league stage and #1 in the playoffs win $$. I'm in the #7 spot, but have sealed up my playoff spot already (playoffs start next week). I'm facing the #2 team in the league this week and am on a hot streak (while his team was hit bad with Lowry+Durant injuries), so I'd win and can easily move up to the 4-6 spots. But the thing is, I'd rather lose, fall to the #8 spot, and bump him to the #1 spot. That way, next week, which is the first week of the playoffs, I face his weaker team again and win an easy round. If I bench my team for the entire week, I will get what I want, but it basically hands him the $$ winnings for the #1 spot. What makes it trickier is that I'm the commish of this league too. Thoughts?
  6. That happens when teams try to win.
  7. No brainer. Yes, accept it.
  8. This. Was on the Free Portis hype train last year. Never again. He's in the mould of those Terrence Jones, Mirotic types - fantasy folks love them cause of the potential to put up stats, but they never live up to the hype cause of glaring weaknesses in their actual basketball skills.
  9. Traded him for Kemba 2 days after his injury. He's definitely back earlier than I thought, but couldn't carry the dead weight.
  10. BIG LINE. 33-7-4, with 2 3s, a blk, a stl and excellent %s. And it's only the 3rd quarter. What a stud.
  11. K, I'm done. Dropping in 12-teamer.
  12. You NEED to accept that offer.
  13. Again, the standard logic DOES NOT APPLY for the Knicks. We're talking about a team that had a guy go AWOL, and they just let him start the next game as if nothing happened.
  14. ^ This. Calm down, people. This is the Knicks we're talking about. This is a team that let Rose come back and start as if nothing happened after he bailed on the team.
  15. No IR League. Traded away CP3 to the #2 guy in the league (who has a very strong team and is certain to make the playoffs) for Kemba Walker. Will miss CP3, but needed to make the trade.