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  1. Gotta disagree to the 'kind of like J-Rich' part. As someone who actually had both Boggy and J-Rich on his roster, they're not much alike. It's akin to saying J-Rich is kinda like Kawhi or Josh Hart is like Boggy. But Kawhi is a 1st rounder (7th in 9-Cat), J-Rich is a 5th rounder (60th), Boggy is a 9th rounder (112th) and Josh Hart is a 16th rounder (190th). Unless you're in a super deep league, when it comes playoff time, rostering someone like Boggy isn't worth it unless it's just for streaming.
  2. Dropped him today. Think his potential's capped with everyone healthy. Yes, he has the ability to go on hot streaks, but he's just sucking right now.
  3. Just dropped him. As I said earlier - starting today, he has 3 games in 10 days, while 10 teams have 6 games. Holding onto a player who's ranked 126th in 9-cat over the last month, and has that kind of schedule is just silly imo. But to each their own, I guess.
  4. Dropping him first thing tomorrow morning. Starting tomorrow, he has only 3 games in the next 10 days. As a comparison, there are a whopping 10 teams that are playing 6 times during that same 10-day period. If he was a Top-30 or even a Top-50 guy, sure, I'd consider holding onto him during this patch. But he's barely Top-100 in 9-cat over the last month. If he's available after this patch is over, I'll consider picking him up. But that kind of schedule makes anyone but the best players droppable.
  5. Hoping that he doesn't play tonight. Need him to stay on that IR spot so that I can work my roster. I have Isaac, who I'll be dropping tomorrow morning (only 2 games next week, which is a killer) and picking up a streamer for Fri-Sat, and then activate Bagley on Sunday.
  6. F this kid. The guy I’m going up against in the first round of the playoffs just picked him up this morning, and I was like - how good could he even be, and he drops a 30-bomb on me. C’monnnnn rookie wall!
  7. Super glad I gambled a couple of weeks ago (pre-deadline) and traded away AD. It's going to be crazy hard to sell AD now unless it's at a huge discount. FYI - the deal I ended up getting was my AD + Russell + Kris Dunn for his PG13 + Fox. Ended up gaining big time in terms of both playoff schedule, as well as getting rid of the headache that is AD. What's funny is that if I have the #1 pick next year, definitely still picking AD. As most people would. Don't think there's any other player who has given fantasy players this level of headache over the years.
  8. Again, FVV was barely a top-150 player with 26 MPG, despite experience in the system and chemistry with the players, and filling in for Lowry's missed games. Lin's a DFS punt at best, when Lowry's out. And he has his own injury history. Steer clear of this guy. In a couple of competitive money leagues, and he's sitting on the waiver in both with no one touching him. Advise that y'all do the same.
  9. He's been getting almost 20 MPG in Atlanta and hasn't posted Top-200 value. Really doubt he rockets up to Top 100 value in Toronto. VanVleet, with his experience in the system, and 26 MPG, barely makes the Top-150 in 9-cat. Lin's a DFS punt at best on days Lowry's out. Standard leaguers steer clear.
  10. So there's 2 ways this goes. 1. Pelicans go for 1 last hurrah and try to make the playoffs and play AD. 2. Random DNPs (mostly on the road and non-nationally televised games), reduced minutes and the Pelicans start tanking a bit. A full tank and him getting completely shut down isn't likely to happen simply because the optics of that are too bad - from the league perspective as well as from the paying Pelicans fan perspective. It won't fly. However, if there's anything like a minor-injury or even a light bruise, expect him to be given ample time to heal. So all AD owners, while it's not ideal, it isn't the end of the world.
  11. Lol. Sorry if I don’t feel much sympathy for players making millions of dollars and then whining about getting traded. I find players who start asking for trades mid-contract, disrupting their work environment to be much worse. It’s like with any job. If the company decides that you need to switch departments, that’s fine. But if you start making a fuss and causing an obvious distraction by demanding to switch departments, then that’s not professional. Why is it different for you vs. the company? Cause they’re freaking paying you. And in this case, they’re paying you millions. In AD’s case, his 25M+ salary puts him in the top 0.0004% of earners in America. He’s definitely not getting any sympathy from me. Neither is IT2 with his 30M+ career earnings. Seriously, all the people who feel that Boston screwed IT2 of a ‘big contract’, I wonder if they even realize that IT2 has already earned more money in his career than most people could ever dream of.
  12. Kinda disagree on this bit. Everyone from a front office perspective is on the Pels' side in my opinion - they're not fans of the Lakers, and they're not fans of big time players demanding trades with over an year left on their contract.
  13. No. Raptors offer Siakam + FVV + 2 first round picks is not ridiculous. Grizzlies offering Conley + Gasol is not ridiculous. Knicks offering 3-5 picks is not ridiculous. Knicks offering 9 picks including Zion is ridiculous.
  14. Not really. It's like saying Charlotte would be stupid to decline 4 first round picks from Boston, just to draft Frank Kaminsky. Sometimes, a ridiculous offer is obvious.