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  1. Is there a chance Bo is called up in mid April rather than June?
  2. You can’t completely ignore the injury history, but Strasburg has the higher floor and the higher ceiling. When healthy, Strasburg is a top 5 Cy Young candidate annually. I’m willing to bet on the health of Strasburg over the repeat of Bauer. If you take their best & worst years away, I think it gives you a better understanding of what they are capable of. Just my opinion.
  3. ESPN 10 Team/ H2H 5x5 Categories. Team in sig. I had the 10th pick. Took Acuna Jr. 10th & Soto 11th( maybe too high). How'd I do? League Rules: Keeper Numbers: 2020 Draft- 2 Keepers from 2019 Team 2021 Draft- 4 Keepers from 2020 Team 2022 Draft- 6 Keepers from 2021 Team Keeper Rules: 1. A player may only be kept a maximum of two consecutive years (not including the original year they are drafted to a team) before they are automatically dropped back into the Draft Pool. 2. When a keeper is selected, the team owner must give up a draft pick that is 1 round higher than the round that the player was drafted the previous year. 3. If a player has been acquired via Free Agency or Trade and WAS drafted the previous year, they are still subject to Rule #2. 4. If a player was acquired via Free Agency or Trade WAS NOT drafted the previous year, the owner must give up their last round pick. 5. Current and Future Draft Picks can be traded. 6. You are not allowed to keep two players that were drafted in the same round the previous year. 7. You are not allowed to give up a draft pick for a keeper for a pick that you have traded away. 8. If a player was selected in the 1st round in the previous year and is to be selected as a keeper, you must give up your 1st and 2nd round draft picks (if they have not been traded away). you are only allowed to keep one 1st round pick.
  4. Brand new 10 team keeper league, keep 2 for 2020. I have the 10th and 11th. Take Acuna jr. at 10 and Soto at 11?
  5. I’ll take Texas if it’s still available.
  6. Jeez. Give the guy a week, yeah it looked bad, but it always does in the moment. He walked down in the tunnel on his own. Stop acting like the sky is falling
  7. Temper expectations. It’s a range of 8-13 carries/ 32-65 yards/ 2-4 receptions/ .5 TD if there’s as much garbage time as expected the other two backs will get opportunities.
  8. What are these targets looking like? Bad throws or Josh just not catching them?
  9. All of a sudden Eli is Tevin Coleman?
  10. Held out of Wednesday’s practice with a groin injury.
  11. Failed to mention, its a 30 acquisition limit league, and I've used 19/30.
  12. Currently 7-2, in 1st place and should win out. Tough matchup against the current #2 team week 13 tho. My top 3 WR’s are Allen, Evans & Gordon. I’ve rostered Baldwin, Sutton and Davis just in case of an injury. But really won’t use any of them (barring injuries) except week 11 (NE bye). Who is the drop? Thanks!
  13. Would you rather stash Spencer Ware instead of rostering Doug Baldwin, Courtland Sutton, or Corey Davis?
  14. Somebody went into Sunday night with Davante Adams and a 7 point lead, no Monday night players, and his opponent had Josh Gordon...
  15. Not that crazy, his team is awful... His team