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  1. Just dropped him in my 10 team because Dedmon is on fire right now. Expect Chriss to have a big night tonight.
  2. How trade friendly is Chandler's contract? The sun's might look to package him in a deal when bledsoe is traded.
  3. Just got dropped in my league. I will be picking up. His blocks and 3point potential is rare.
  4. Thinking the same as you are. However Whiteside has been out.
  5. With old coach gone. Should he be sitting on the Waiver wire? Not sure if I should add him before someone snipes him.
  6. More of an overreaction, but I should not have drafted Jokic over cousins.
  7. 29 points is Kawhi's career high and he's a fantasy beast. Wow.
  8. There are some pros and cons to this suggestion. Not to shuffle them up but to simply seed them 1 through 16 for playoff purposes. It brings up a lot of questions though. Do you get rid of divisions and conference then? Or simply just for the playoffs? That would still lead to inequity in the regular seasons. What about rivalries? The common argument is sports are cyclical and eventually the East will be tougher. The problem is they've been arguably waiting for that cycle to take hold for 20-25 years.....Certainly for the last 17. The east owns 9/15 lottery picks in this loaded draft. The gap won't be as big in a few years.