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  1. Hello guys, Ihave created money league about the uefa champions league official fantasy game. https://gaming.uefa.com/en/uclfantasy I am experienced commish located in europe and I have run multiple nba fantasy leagues and one fifa world cup league this summer. U can see the screenshots about that world cup league and my leaguesafe profile as commish. I have some guys already interested but I need to recruit some more in order to make this league to run! The buyin will be $100 . Payments via leaguesafe.com and payouts for top3 overall teams and group stage/knockout winners. I may add some small payout for each matchday winners too. I have also created a groupme chat for the league ( send me a PM for the code) so we can have a better communication from there about league's settings (buyin/payouts) and have some smack talking later during the ch.league season. I can also receive payments via paypal from internationals and pay on their behalf on leaguesafe. (Check on the screenshot , it shows how I make some payments on behalf of users named as "rdamjan" and "arsenal wizard" who also won money and got paid via leaguesafe at the end) So everyone interested he should send me a PM to send u the ucl leagues/groupme codes. HURRY UP ONLY 1 DAY TO SETTLE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LEAGUE!!! Peace
  2. yahoo auction mock, 8/12 real managers https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/2923/mock_waiting?mlid=2136673&lobby=auction#
  3. Spoiler Alert! No other picks will be made! The draft has ended!
  4. Free league or money? I am interested in $100+ leagues.
  5. They somehow copied yahoo's more modern layout. Which features did they remove?
  6. Yeah also weed isnt terrible
  7. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    This guy turns to be the biggest troll of all RW summer mocks !
  8. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    Ok not last summer but the previous one , summer of 2016, u were autopicked and replaced from Round 1 by young styler ...
  9. Rotoworld Summer H2H Mock Draft

    SicarioSanity was replaced in one mock last summer because of being autopicked multiple times. He is living in Asia.I agree with Stiffle, if those guys cannot give long lists (considering the most of the running hours of the mock are sleeping) , its better not to pacticipate in those mocks.
  10. Round 13 1. Kaboom - Markelle Fultz 2. Young_Styler - Bogdan Bogdanovic 3. RDNC - kelly Oubre jr. 4. Trench Mob - Brandon Knight 5. Superjew - Marcin Gortat 6. TOAA - Jaylen Brown 7. Tongs - Demarre Carroll 8. BetterCallHinkie - Bam Adebayo 9. x_Nemesis_x - Rodney Hood 10. Chaiway - OTC 11. Stifle : 12. CoH: x_Nemesis_x PG: Russell Westbrook (1.9) SG: Gary Harris (4.40) G: Kyle Lowry (3.33) SF: Paul George(2.18) PF: Paul Millsap (6.64) F: Serge Ibaka (7.81) C: DeAndre Ayton (5.57) C: Willie Culley Stein (9.105) UT: Thaddeus Young (8.88) UT: Mario Hezonja (10.112) Bench: Jabari Parker (11.129) Bench: Trae Young (12.136) Bench: Rodney Hood (13.153)
  11. Dont need to rush, he is only 5 hours OTC...
  12. Round 12 1. CoH - TJ Warren 2. Stifle - Al Farouq Aminu 3. Chaiway - Jakob Poetl 4. x_Nemesis_x - Trey Young 5. BetterCallHinkie - OTC 6. Tongs - 7. TOAA - 8. Superjew - 9. Trench Mob - 10. RDNC - 11. Young_Styler - 12. Kaboom -
  13. Im the nick of time..ariza has been already selected.
  14. I think its time for an auto-pick. I am picking Jabari Parker @chaiway OTC