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  1. Sorry man i needed his efficiency combined with many 3's. I have many brick layers in my squad
  2. I will be at gym the next 1-2 hours, who is available to send him my pick and send an OTC message to the next guy?
  3. Not a reach at all at this point. He was a top30 player the last 3 months and u picked him at no27. Moreover as u said he can improve his tos,ft% and increase his pts as well.
  4. We are playing roto not h2h.That pairing makes me overkilling in 2-3 cats and sucking bigly in other 2-3 so I dont think that combo is ideal for roto. Moreover that player u reffer is a bit reach at this point and I dont like reaching for players especially so early in the draft..
  5. Ur ball is good , i didnt pick him but i though about him. Maybe if i didnt pick westbrook , i would have chosen the player u reffered!
  6. Pick me Paul George and inform Hinkie. I am out of home.
  7. Round 1: 1. Kaboom- Anthony Davis 2. Young_Styler- Kevin Durant 3. RDNC - Karl Anthony-Towns 4. Trench Mob - Giannis Antetokounmpo 5. Superjew - James Harden 6. TOAA- LeBron James 7. Tongs - Steph Curry 8. Better Call Hinkie - Nikola Jokic 9. x_Nemesis_x - Russell Westbrook 10. Fantasyball1988 - OTC 11. Stifle 12. CoH Team: x_Nemesis_x PG: Russell Westbrook (1.9) SG: G: SF: PF: F: C: C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench:
  8. Andre Drummond 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Because of the elite fg% and 5 rebs per game from the PG slot. Although that combo looks strange at the first look, I have seen it a few times in h2h leagues.
  9. Stiffle returns to these boards after a long time, so its my duty to join this mock. Count me in!
  10. $100 2018 FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

    Sent u both invites. We are 12 so far , almost all have paid, we are looking for few more participants!
  11. $100 2018 FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

    Yes send me your fifa/LS email addresses.
  12. Hello soccer fans. I will run a private $100 World Cup League via the official FIFA World Cup Game. https://fantasy.fifa.com/en/home Payout will be : 1st 55% 2nd 30% 3rd 15% In case we have more than 15 participants the 4th place will be paid too. Anyone interested can send me a PM or post his email for the invite.
  13. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Nice one...