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  1. You know if its full yet, or just spotted by beat reporters?
  2. I don't get the LaFleur hype. Dude seems like a trash coach, and his offense looks unimaginative and boring. Really starting to despise that dude.
  3. Its all about roster construction. Michel is a boom-bust RB with a decently stable floor. His booms will win you your week, but he can also go 10 carries for 40 yards some weeks (this will be rare though). He was a 4th round pick, stop crying. Just put more stable players in your lineup with him.
  4. Patriots always figure out their OL issues as well. Better days ahead.
  5. Did Gould catch a pass today or was that a glitch?
  6. This happens in fantasy every year lol you really think fantasy is that easy to predict?
  7. He's fast, he's shifty, he's tough, he's the teams #1. I'd be shocked if he doesn't pan out this year as at least a flex player.
  8. I looked for his thread earlier today and noticed he didn’t have one. So undervalued. He will be at least a lukewarm add after this week for most leagues.
  9. Best case scenario is the Chiefs lose today and Williams gets bottled up while McCoy brakes off a couple decent runs. Would escalate the transition to McCoy.
  10. Also something nobody has pointed out yet, this should lead to more games with a positive game script. The better the Patriots are, the more the Patriots will be in “clock killing” mode. This is good news for Sony.
  11. McCoy played with a broken rib last year, then he got a concussion, then he pulled his hamstring. He basically missed almost no time with these injuries, because hes a ******** beast. Yes it had an impact on his #s but hes still tough as f--- to play through that.
  12. They were double & triple teaming Adams all game. They weren't gonna do that with his backup.