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  1. Barely scored 60 pts with my 11-2, record breaking avg of 121 per game in standard, best team i ever owned. Literally all my players scored their season low except for hopkins. cam 4,5 barkley 5,5 lindsay 4 mt 4 hopkins 29 Ertz 2.2 hill 4 lutz 6 texans 5 ....... what a game.
  2. No1 wr (hill) and no 2 rb (saquon) in standard scored me a grand total of 9.60 this week 🎉 also started lindsay and texans hahaha #surepointstheysaid fantasy is so cruel
  3. Highest scoring team with 11-2 record and i have played three players already that scored 4, 4 and 5. One and done
  4. Bears vs Packers or Texans vs Jets 😶? Scooped texans few weeks ago for week 15 cus bears vs packers looked that time as bad matchup but not so sure anymore. Do the packers have anything to stop that rush??
  5. I would indeed trade Kamara & JuJu for Woods/CMC. You're not gonna play Juju at all I guess (not with Thielen en Hopkins) and per usual no one knows who's gonna end up scoring the TD's in nola.
  6. I am already placed for a week 14 bye and could use the upgrade at RB while the Fournette owner needs a win to avoid our loser bowl play offs. He's in my division (so probably my w15 matchup) so I don't want to empower him too much as well. He's offering Fournette for my Lindsay en Gus Edwards, normally I wouldn't hesitate at all BUT: 1. OC out - New QB ( even more stacked boxes?) 2. Losing record + probably not playing for anything in w15 / w16 (will they pound him into the ground with 25 carries??) 3. Giving my a direct opponent 2 starting RB's I really like Lindsay going into the playoffs because of his schedule (Cleveland - Oakland) and Gus seems to get the Job done (23 carries is a lot), both are still contenders and would still be in w15-w16 I guess. Obviously Fournette > Lindsay. Am I overthinking? Leave link, i'll help in return
  7. I feel like BB knows exactly what Lewis is capable of doing and he probably thought Lewis is their main weapon (who else). BB obviously likes to take away main weapons but I didn't watch the game so I might be wrong, but his statline feels like that. No worries
  8. Dudes they were up by a lot and milking the clock with a big boned RB (besides the 1 yrd td). The dude got 20 carries. Nothing to see here.
  9. Really nice analysis of what the Lions are doing with Kerryon.
  10. He gets way too little love. It's always about Brady and Rodgers, but ezbreezy belongs there as well. ELITE
  11. Why did you guys think it was okay to jinx my 20 points. Thanks a lot :'(
  12. I don't know, but I kinda get him. He's one of the best who can't do what he can do best. I wouldn't like that either whatever I'm doing or wherever I am. He gets 14-15 targets a game, but the majority are bad thrown balls, double (triple) covered or screens where he's caught inmediately by the defense. Must be really frustrating. Media is trying to get anything out of him that's sensational (Eli Sucks = great narrative) and sometimes he can't block his feelings anymore I feel like (which is natural imo).. Obviously, the tantrum he's throwing (on the field) isn't good, but as I said I kinda get him. Those screenplays he got were amazing tho, he lost 1 or 2 defenders for critical yards. He's still awesome. I still feel like it's coming and I'm not worried at all. He's operating as my WR2 or Flex, which is probably why I'm not worried.
  13. OBJ has 45, 6th most, targets this year. He's gonna produce eventually. Not worried. He's an elite catcher and will put up points no matter how bad Eli is. I just bought really low and I'm stoked about ROS.
  14. I miss Boyd in this thread. Eifert out and getting tons of looks already. Maybe he's not in here because he should be owned already, but he's available in mine.