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  1. Lol. Coleman and Breida carried it 27 times yesterday. That’s exactly 18 times more than Dwill and LeSean.
  2. 11 touches for McCoy and 14 for a guy named Darrel Williams is not really encouraging. I'm selling McCoy.
  3. There's always one clear winner with WR vs WR (or RB vs RB) in the long run and these two players will always be compared with each other directly. Adams is lining up with guys he's not belonging with right now, so in our cases (trading Adams away) we will lose a lot of value. When you trade RB WR vs RB WR you can receive more value, because people have to cross evaluate 4 players and it's easier to create more value for yourself. I also know my league, and that's the way our trade culture has been established for over years. For instance, when I would trade Adams away i would love to pair him with one of my RB2's (sadly, that's DamienW) but I am most certain I can receive more value for those two than Adams alone right now. I can certainly think of lots of situations where I would trade WR vs WR directly, but I also think these situations are very unlikely.
  4. A high ankle sprain is literally nothing severe and is just resting up. Had tons of those back in the days, after a few days you can put pressure on it again, after a week or two straight running is not a problem anymore. Cutting takes 1-2-3 weeks (depends on severity) and after that you're fine. Considering I am no Saquon and never had the medical staff a professional NFL player has, I am in no doubt he will be fine.
  5. Ofc not, i never trade wr for wr, i am aiming for (surprise) rb1’s paired with wr2’s
  6. The thing is that i cannot wait too long anymore for him to get going. Besides the doubtful situation this offense is in rn, most of us paired him with RBs like conner, chubb (mixed thoughts) or mixon who are absolutely wetting the bed too. I lucked very hard too get one w, but otherwise I would be 0-3. It’s what it is right now, and frankly i do not know if trading or waiting is the right move atm
  7. Like anyone on the world has an answer on these type of questions, even his coaches or Terry himself can't help you with this. Buy him and see what happens or not.
  8. With these kinda returns they're both startable as flex and RB2
  9. Did not watch the game but was it like this most of the game?
  10. Nothing cus i have a family birthday. I live in Europe so it won't be played on TV during the bday + monday games are in the middle of the night. F M L
  11. That’s why i said it depends on your drafting qualities. If you don’t believe he’s worth 2nd round don’t draft him obviously. If you panic 2nd round because you haven’t drafted a rb1 yet and the next best thing on your mind is Dwill, oh boy. FWIW, his adp on fantasypros and is 24 (rb13), I was talking about mid third and not mid 2nd. I know it’s cool story bro but he fell to me late third in a competitive league, probably because some guys ahead of me are non-believers too (pick 29).
  12. Exactly what lolcopter said. Plus it depends on your drafting qualities. I wouldn’t love him as my main rb. But what about drafting a true RB1, come back with Damien mid-late third: ALL DAY. Waiver wire picks can fill in for 3-4-5th round busts every year. You can argue everything you want but in the end you need guys with enough certainty and upside, on good teams. Even if he busts i dont care. His upside of being the rb1 for the chiefs is too big to pass on in the third round. Last year i drafted drake late third, played him one game because of all his incertainties and had my best perfoming team since i started playing ff (scooped Linsay in w1). Why we so afraid for busts?? You can’t predict any rb in the third and fourth anyway, because they all have issues and questions and that’s why they’re drafted there and not first round.
  13. Barely scored 60 pts with my 11-2, record breaking avg of 121 per game in standard, best team i ever owned. Literally all my players scored their season low except for hopkins. cam 4,5 barkley 5,5 lindsay 4 mt 4 hopkins 29 Ertz 2.2 hill 4 lutz 6 texans 5 ....... what a game.
  14. No1 wr (hill) and no 2 rb (saquon) in standard scored me a grand total of 9.60 this week 🎉 also started lindsay and texans hahaha #surepointstheysaid fantasy is so cruel