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  1. At #24,Is Vucevic a potential bust?Why?
  2. https://help.yahoo.com/kb/SLN6852.html?guccounter=1 😁
  3. He is currently in top 50 for 9 cat.If he can avg 1.5 stl/g then he will be top 36 player.
  4. Then it would be more challenge to win over any opponent who uses the BBM tools.
  5. I''ll be more than happy if I'm wrong as I drafted J.Allen 2 of my 10 Roto leagues with projection of FT 72%.So if he has FT 77% again,my teams will be top of the category.
  6. His FT% from High school (54%),in College (56.4%) and in this preseason (65%).
  7. Seems like most people think J.Allen's FT will be good.I might be in the minority here that think his FT will be under 72%.
  8. Yahoo update their ranking with some errors.J.Collins rank #45 and #63,J.Allen rank #46 and #97.
  9. Oh my bad.Sorry.I forgot to type "Please".My apologies.
  10. So ask them to edit the name too.It is Wendell not Wendall.
  11. Last year Yahoo opened on Aug 17th,I guess this year could be a bit earlier (by Aug 14th).
  12. Yeah,I know.I replied to the poster who said "............Good source of defensive cats and won't hurt you anywhere ".