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  1. I always load up on the pitching "sleepers" in my draft and then stick to them through the beginning of the season to give them a chance. Of course, I always miss out on the dark horse guys who didn't get drafted and broke out to finish top-20. Well not this year, fellas! I've got two tickets to the Shoemaker/Boyd Train. All aboard! Our first stop is "Desperation Junction," followed by a brief stay over in "I Don't Know, Maybe!?" Complimentary drinks in the dining car.
  2. I feel like I spent 2-3 years waiting for him to get 100% healthy and then eventually just gave up 2 years ago. He's got a great profile as a high-GB% and high-K guy (at least that's where he was heading for with his breakout before he got hit by a bus 7 times).
  3. I would be all over Jose if he got the ABs.
  4. In points leagues the Ks are going to dampen his Jesusness. Still just 37% on CBS.
  5. Yeesh, 1 game, tough crowd. I mean, he definitely should be the last player on your bench so there's probably better options on the wire right now to roll the dice on. I just got a first-hand taste of the glory last year so I'm going to stick it out and see.
  6. Glad I went in another direction for week 1. This guy might be a tough pill to swallow in points leagues.
  7. I'm rooting for Barnes. I need to cut some dudes so if Brasier is out of it that's one right there. I thought it was going to be him but it definitely looks like Barnes.
  8. I understand the analytics aspect of the committee theory. My point is that there's a psychological dynamic to it that has been completely ignored. The fact that it can't be quantified has led it to be completely ignored as though it doesn't exist. That's incorrect.
  9. I'm a pretty big analytics guy but this is getting out of control. There's value in having "the guy." Just ask every team how they felt playing the Yankees when the last out in the 8th came. There's psychological value in having a great level boss waiting at the end of the game. If you can build that up I don't see why you wouldn't try.
  10. I feel like there's a folk song about this guy somewhere. Connor Joe? He's definitely chopped down a lot of trees or beat out a machine at laying train track or something.
  11. Yeah, I mean, it's one game against a righty. I wouldn't make any grand declarations for at least 2 weeks until we see how a few different scenarios play out.
  12. I'm rolling with this guy for the next 10 days. So nervous. Welcome to Second Guess City, Population: ME!
  13. Is he good? Should he be owned? What's his favorite color? Does he have a kind heart?
  14. I'm weekly lineups and we're doing a 10-day week 1 so I couldn't fit him in but I'm looking forward to watching him pitch.
  15. RW gave him the "he needs to be owned in all leagues." God damn it. They know I can't resist that!