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  1. Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

    They're in the middle of the pack in plate appearances. They do well against RHP at home but are below average at home vs. LHP.
  2. Jose Martinez 2017 Outlook

    Thought I'd bump this as I came across his name while looking for recent hitter surges. .389/.538/.944 in the past two weeks to go with 3 HRs in just 18 ABs. Piscotty just got sent down to AAA so is this guy going to get full-time ABs now? Someone fire up the wily mo signal.
  3. August Closer Thread 2017

    In the past 28 days... Rosenthal: 12 inn, 1-1 record, 4 saves, 21 Ks, 2 BBs, 6 hits, 0.75 ERA, 0.67 WHIP. Carry on.
  4. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    Yeah, I want to see something before I plug him back into my lineup as a matchup play.
  5. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    Maybe I'm playing in an abnormally deep league (and I realize I'm points, where pitchers are more valuable than roto) but who the heck is on you guys' waiver wires that have more potential than Taillon? I agree about benching him but there's nothing on my wire even remotely tempting. And the whole August 1 thing is weak since the kid had cancer a month ago.
  6. Carlos Carrasco 2017 Outlook

    Boston's lineup has sucked this year. They're rocking a cool 88 wRC+ at home vs. RHP. That's good for fifth-worst in all of MLB. And I'm a Sox fan.
  7. Carlos Carrasco 2017 Outlook

    CBS added a second start to his profile but they're also notoriously inaccurate at identifying starts.
  8. Rich Hill 2017 Outlook

    I can't believe I held on and exercised patience throughout the season and didn't rage drop him. This was very unGrape Juice of me.
  9. July Closer Thread 2017

    Well the Padres have supposedly lowered their asking price for Hand, although the offers they've been getting are still lower than the new and improved lower asking price.
  10. July Closer Thread 2017

    Yeah. I guess I'm just surprised a contender wasn't willing to pay more than a team looking to jettison their own closer at the deadline. It's not like Ramos is an upgrade over Reed so this could end up being a zero sum gain for the Mets.
  11. July Closer Thread 2017

    I still don't understand the Ramos trade. Familia coming back, Mets are were sellers, MIA couldn't get more from a contender?
  12. Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

    "I can't believe they didn't [insert whatever I need according to my league settings, even though it makes no sense in real baseball]!"
  13. Aaron Nola 2017 Outlook

    Dang. Yeah, I'll be starting him next week even w/ the Coors game. Coors is tough but the Rockies lineup is overrated. They're pulling a wRC+ of 83 vs. RHP at home.
  14. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    There's not a lot of pitcher streaming in points leagues. At least not the ones I've seen. Taillon is owned in 93% of CBS leagues where the benches are bigger than ESPN and Yahoo standard. That's all beside the point though. My point is that you guys seem to be dramatically overreacting to one bad start.
  15. Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook

    Holy carp. Droppable? Over hyped? I can see why he's less valuable in a QS league but who is on your wire that gives you more potential than him? Before yesterday he had a 37:9 K:BB ratio in his last 6 starts (32.2 inn, the player page on CBS only goes back 7 starts). You're pissed, I get it. I started him in my weekly and he got me -17 points. That's about as bad as a pitcher can do. But droppable? Gimme a break.