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  1. How much is this going to play into the possibility of him becoming closer? Obviously we're still waiting to see what happens with Oh and he's been pitching much better lately but I have to imagine that the inability to pitch on back-to-back days is a strike against him becoming closer if the situation presented itself.
  2. I envy you guys. There's over 100 starting pitchers rostered in my league. I can't cut Gsellman yet. He's going to have to gsuck a glot more before I can do that.
  3. And of course as soon as you all started to respond the apple hit me square atop my head -- most of you are playing roto. I wish Google would come up with a translate option for H2H points players reading the roto-heavy boards. Thanks to everybody for taking the time to respond and explain their thought process.
  4. Some real nasty stuff in there and some stuff MLB hitters would spit on. I own so I'm pulling for him but I'm cautiously optimistic.
  5. I want to preface this by saying I am by no means some kind of fantasy guru or anything but I'm curious about the thinking behind the people that are contemplating dropping him? This guy's talent is sick and his ceiling is ace. I get the bench and/or playing the match up game but cutting him? One of his biggest problems is he tries to strike everybody out and the crazy part is that a lot of times he succeeds. I feel like he's always just on the precipice of putting it all together and if he does, look out. I don't know, maybe I'm delusional and don't know what I'm talking about. It certainly wouldn't be the first time for that.
  6. Weekly people like me are porked. I only started him because of last night's start. Figured Sunday would just be a break even. I hate you, weather. I hate your dumb face, I hate your stupid smell, I hate everything about you.
  8. All too often, a few weeks good play in Colorado turns into that outlier year of good play for a player. Color me nervous as a Dahl owner. Anything short of full time play makes him not worth this current roster spot jam. My DL is already occupied. If they send him to AAA, great. I can slot him into my ML. But if I'm waiting all this time for part-time play it will not be worth it.
  9. I drafted him. Got him late, like 20th round. No one else in my league even knew about him. Got nervous reading about the Aguilar stuff here and the possible platooning. Cut him on April 10 for Miguel Sano. Sano was on fire at this point with an OPS over 1.300 and Thames had already been sat once for Aguilar against a lefty. I also have an uncanny ability to be a year early on players and I had Sano last year. Luckily, I was able to pick him back up on April 15 and have been riding the Thames Train ever since. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all of my leaguemates for having their collective heads up their collective arses even more than I had mine.
  10. I love you, Bench Heat.
  11. This doesn't feel good. I was really liking what I was seeing from him too. Feel bad for the kid.
  12. Haven't had a problem with my Roku hardlined.
  13. Do we know, even just a ballpark, how long Britton is out? I got the sense that it wasn't going to be long. Is Brach worth starting for weekly lineup leagues?
  14. Shhhhhhhhhh....
  15. I'm very Win/Save dependent though. The ambiguity makes my delicate sensibilities quiver in nervosity.