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  1. Picked him up in the second half last year and used him plug and play. I'll be targeting him in my league. As was mentioned above, there was a "turned a corner" moment in the season and he was a K machine. Juice approved.
  2. I'm buying. I smell a ADP mover over the next few weeks. Juice
  3. Is he on an innings limit? He has to be, right? Threw like 90 innings last year. Juice
  4. Just looking at his list, he seems to be bullish on just about everyone. He really values the best-case-scenario in everyone.
  5. I haven't used ESPN or Yahoo in any years so take this with a grain of salt. Also, I realize that everyone's natural reaction is to talk-up the platform they use. I'm in a longstanding with league with friends. We've been playing for over 15 years now. For at least the last 10 we've been on CBS. I doubt we'll ever move due to the league history feature. It archives all past seasons' information -- standings, power rankings, message board, draft results, league news, etc. It also keep track of all records for both all-time and individual teams (most points scored in a game/season, highest win differential game/season, etc). There are dozens of things it keeps track of. Since the overwhelming reason why we play is to talk smack and have bragging rights, this is invaluable for us. They've really stepped up their game in the past year with individual game write-ups and added features like playoff probabilities and other stuff. The write-ups are a great source of both intentional and unintentional comedy as they frequently reference with owners are doing the best job setting lineups and things like that. For all I know, every other platform does the same. But we've got 9 years worth of records and stats and information stored there so we'll never leave. Pretty smart move on their part.
  6. Working for me on my Roku. Watching Iwakuma poop all over my Kluber start.
  7. I was absolutely shocked how well the app work on Droid. Just on my regular network (not WiFi) I basically get radio or crystal clear TV picture almost instantly and almost never drops the signal. Not sure how they did it but I couldn't be happier.
  8. This is my first year with it and, I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed so far. Got it to link with my Rokus after I dropped Directv and am impressed with everything so far. Was out at the Cactus League last week and got the MLB At Bat app for my Droid and we were able to watch crystal clear live games on my phone without WiFi, couldn't believe it. Expected the radio portion to work over cell network but not the TV portion. Assuming I setup my Unblock-us account properly I'm going to be a very happy camper this season. Oh, and I've got a buddy who's using the account in an entirely different market and hasn't had a problem either. Well done, MLB.