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  1. So now he's coming back before the AS break? This guy is a manimal.
  2. I did, that's why I made my comment. Off the top of my head I think their wRC+ is 93 in the scenario I presented. Like I said, I'm not saying they're a dynamite matchup but slightly below average doesn't scare me.
  3. I really respect you as a poster so I don't want this to be misconstrued as dismissive or dickish (for lack of a better term) but runs scored isn't at the top of my list of statistics when I'm trying to predict a lineup's strength against a starting pitcher.
  4. COL on the road against a LHP doesn't scare me. They're not a great matchup but they're by no means fearsome.
  5. In my points league he has the same amount of points as Manaea. That's kind of bananas.
  6. I don't think people are excited because they need the help at 3B, I think they're excited because there's a ton of stud 1B that many of us can't fit into our lineups. Sincerely, Freeman/Votto/Bour/Smoak/Alonso owner
  7. I want absolutely nothing to do with the Astros on the road against a LHP, #2 in MLB with a 124 wRC+.
  8. I'm certainly not opposed to starting him at Coors. But it plays into the equation when I'm deciding which SPs (and their matchups) to roll out there at the beginning of the week.
  9. Agree with everything you said about his spot in the lineup. I actually like him hitting 9th the most. But as far as the stats go, the big difference is the counting stats and I imagine lineup position has a lot to say about Benintendi's higher counts.
  10. I benched him because it is at Coors but the DBacks lineup sucks giant arse on the road.
  11. He really ought to play a few games in the outfield. -- Bour, Votto, Smoak, Alonso, Freeman owner
  12. There are some melodramatic mofos on this board.
  13. Unfortunately there's nothing even remotely tempting on my WW so I'll be hanging on. It's a long season.
  14. This looks like such a gimme on paper that it has to be a Giants explosion outlier.
  15. Yeah, but, complaining.