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  1. Your Best/Worst (So Far)

    Best Draft Pick: KD at 9 and Kawhi at 12 Worst Draft Pick: Beverley at 132, Saric at 89 Best Trade: Traded Otto, Middleton, Saric for Gobert, Tobias, Barton Worst Trade: Traded Covington for Ayton (not really THAT bad but still, Covington's been a beast this year) Best Add: BroLo, Harrell, Markkanen & Thad Young Drop You Regret: TJ Warren (but got him back after trading Harrell for him), Brogdon, Ball
  2. Eric Bledsoe 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    It looks like Brogdon has been the more aggressive and better guard in the Bucks' backcourt. It's baffling. Why is he deferring or settling for contested threes all the time?
  3. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Indeed, based on his recent play, logic dictates that when TT comes back, Nance should still be starting and getting increased minutes. But let's harken back to earlier this season - Nance was dubbed as a building block of this young team and was given a big fat contract to play for. Logic dictated that Nance should be getting a consistent, increased role throughout the season. But look at what's happened. Larry Drew defies logic, and it took two frontcourt injuries for Nance to start carving out a starters' role on the team. Additionally, when TT was still around, he was outplaying Nance and rightfully earned his minutes over him. So really, there's still a lot of uncertainty regarding what could happen when TT/Love comes back. Obviously, there are reasons to be excited, but expectations have to be tempered. It's likely he goes back to being a rollercoaster of a player to own as much as he carves out a consistent 25+ minute role ROS.
  4. Thaddeus Young 2018-2019 outlook

    Nothing new, just reverting back to his top 60 self from the past few seasons after a slow start to the season. If he was dropped in your league, pick him up. Any talk about him having a reduced role this season has turned out to be unfounded.
  5. Thaddeus Young 2018-2019 outlook

    I feel like he's settling back into a rhythm and Oladipo's absence earlier helped that. He was expected to take a reduced role when the season started with Sabonis coming on. This, coupled with his slow start to the season, made a lot of people sour on him, but it's clear now that the Pacers are doing well when Thad gets the majority of the PF minutes, with Sabonis and Turner sharing the C minutes. Nate seems to have echoed this sentiment by settling on a rotation lately that gives Thad at least 30+ minutes every game. I don't see why he can't continue putting up Top-70 value like he has last season or two seasons ago. Exactly the same situation IMO. Punt AST gold, must own in 10 teamers and up.
  6. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Eh, Tyreek owned up to his mistakes before being drafted by the Chiefs. He went through extensive interviews and counseling, and it looks like he's determined to be a better man. Reid is known for giving people second chances. Hunt lied and destroyed Reid's trust.
  7. Jokic trade WHIR!

    Thanks for the help on mine. do this 100%. You’re getting the better end of the deal in a bonafide first rounder in Jokic.
  8. Drop Mikal Bridges or Bembry? Whir!

    Personally would drop Bembry for a flier on Okobo. Keep Bridges as his role is more stable.
  9. Lillard or Kawhi? WHIR

    Stick with Dame IMO. It looks like a lateral move, with added risk if you get Kawhi.
  10. I’d rather have Ayton since you need rebounds. Stick with Murray. thanks for the help on mine
  11. CP3 side without question.
  12. Team in sig. should I pull of this trade? Not sure if this will benefit my team at all. Both are pretty much even IMO. WHIR!
  13. JI's FGA in his last 5 games (not including tonight): 9, 7, 10, 7, 9. First 4 with AG playing the entire game. He took 9 shots tonight with AG out, so it's pretty consistent with the number of shots he has taken recently. I don't see how AG returning would be a factor? Ross took 16 shots tonight, which I'd say is more telling of AG's absence. I never said he would definitely be taking more shots, but rather, he looks more aggressive which would definitely help his offensive production in the future (and obviously another reason to put him out there on the floor).
  14. I'm aware of that - but I don't think this will affect his minutes that much. Considering that he was already playing 20-24 minutes on a minutes restriction WITH AG around, I don't see why he can't approach the 30 minute mark. He should be starting at the 3 when AG returns as per the start of the season. This is the first time he's ever had any sort of restriction lifted since the start of the season. In terms of offensive usage he looks more comfortable and aggressive in general as compared to the start of the season - I don't think AG's presence would change that. I'd be surprised if the coaching staff doesn't encourage him to continue being this aggressive, considering that they want to develop him offensively as well.
  15. Looking really good and aggressive tonight. Quite a number of cuts and drives to the rim and not really standing at the corner anymore. With the minutes restriction lifted (he's playing more mins than Vooch tonight!) let's hope this is the start of something wonderful. Side note: Tonight's the first time this season he's scored double digits in consecutive games!