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  1. If by being correct you mean 'presumptious' then sure. DK has 7 receptions on 13 targets. Lockett has 11 receptions on 14 targets. Not so clear cut here. Lockett's 1 reception game was caused by him being purposefully gameplanned out by the bengals defense = obviously DK would be Russ' next read. Does gameplanning for a receiver not scream "WR1"? Obviously he bounced back with a 10-for-12 effort as Russ's first read against the Steelers' heavy blitz packages. Still doesn't sound like a team's WR1? Carroll has praised him and has vouched to use him all over the field more this year. Russ and Lockett have a connection. DK coming in, as a rookie, isn't going to change that. I'm not trying to discount how special DK is, but I wouldn't call him the WR1 of the team just yet.
  2. So, guy was barely fantasy-relevant before this season, barely gets any hype coming to the season without AB, scores 4/95/2 in 1 game without AB, AB gets released, now he's a must-grab? It just feels like every year the Patriots have a WR3/4 that booms and everyone gets hyped and he turns out to be an inconsistent option. I don't see how this is any different. You're banking on Edelman or Gordon being out for him to have any value at all. No Gronk and AB doesn't necessarily mean things will be different for Dorsett. Indeed in that Steelers game where he did get 4 receptions Gordon only had 3 and Edelman had 6. I'd say they are more likely candidates to have their receptions regress positively with AB's absence, no? You're banking on him doing a lot with his receptions, and so far there just isn't the sample size to show that he can do that. Brady is also getting old and losing the deep ball - and if he does throw, it's more than likely he would throw to who he sees as reliable. Edelman. White. Burkhead. Gordon. You get the drill. Benjamin Watson is also returning from suspension and could see work in the passing game.
  3. He wasn't known for having stone hands before this game, has he? Hoping this game was just an anomaly. The 'stone hands' argument didn't come up anywhere when he was hyped. With regards to the increased targets, what I think happened is that Minshew naturally had a connection with Chark playing with the second stringers (which explains his increased usage the first two games), and when Foles took a backseat mentorship role to Minshew while being injured he made sure to harp upon making use of Westbrook more. Obviously it's just speculation on my part but it's good reason to at least be a bit optimistic about Dede's outlook for this season.
  4. I would take Juju if you're weak at WR. All about making your team better. Help please
  5. Thanks for the help on mine. I would go for this. Ekeler doesn't have much season-long value despite his hot start and Robert Woods is as set-and-forget a receiver as you can get. You can start Davante and Woods and fill your TE spot with someone who could finish the season a WR1.
  6. Sit Ingram. Forget the run game happening between both teams.
  7. Will be dropping Dede Westbrook. Team in sig. 12-man, 0.5 PPR.
  8. Got him with the 6th smh. I'm still holding in a 12-team just because there's nothing better on the wire and he can sit on my bench.
  9. Not even sure what to do with Dede now. Minshew looks to be targeting Westbrook more this game, yet he's had some crucial drops.
  10. If it helps I'm starting him over Devonta in my flex in a 0.5 PPR 12-man league. You're exactly right in terms of experts being hesitant to rank rookies high - things are looking very promising for him, and there's virtually no way he won't get more snaps and more opportunities to bring home big plays that would make fantasy owners happy. KC will be his coming out party.
  11. Welp. 11 rushes for 22 yards and 3 receptions. Not exactly inspiring stuff from people hoping for a bounce back from last week. So, what's up with him? Doesn't look like gamescript yet he still wasn't used much as compared to his Shanny days. Is it coaching? Or is he just washed?
  12. 36 snaps today, with 8 receptions on 13 (!) targets. Tripled his snap count from last week - it's clear that they're going to give him more work in the weeks to come as he works his way back from injury. He and Andrews are who Lamar's looking for in this offense. He should have plenty of opportunities to get open with the run game drawing attention away from him. I still see him as the best performing rookie receiver this year over guys like McLaurin. Feels like he has big play ability AND the ability to be a possession receiver.
  13. Anyone has thoughts on the 49ers as a potential ROS set and forget defense? With the addition of Dee Ford, Bosa, Kwon and Verrett they looked to have shored up their defensive deficiencies and they looked great against TB. They seem to have legit play makers that could rack up defensive points even if the score goes up. Obviously it can be argued that TB made them look good but it's all about trying to stay ahead of the curve in finding the next great defense.
  14. Not planning on sitting him this week in a 2WR league. He's my first WR off the board as someone who went RB/RB/RB and I just can't not start him over guys like Dede/Hollywood/Ridley. It's almost inevitable that Wilson will throw the ball more, they'll find ways to get him open, DK will take away coverage from him as well. Have faith.