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  1. Rajon Rondo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Understandable, considering ASTs give you 2 points in your league. Unfortunately he just doesn't provide the production necessary in my format, where it is more 3s and points based - he only does well in my format if he stuffs the stats sheet. That's why I mentioned he is only valuable if you really need the ASTs - in most points leagues, that is not the case.
  2. Rajon Rondo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I think there's an argument to be made for him to be dropped in points leagues - in cats leagues he's definitely more valuable due to his contribution to ASTs. Gentry has gone on record to say that there will be games in the future where he'll play above 30 minutes, 20+ minutes, and even below 20 minutes. You're basically counting on a number of factors that ensures Rondo getting consistent minutes - how he deals with the opposing teams' defense sagging off him, as well as showing effort and looking interested both on offense and defense. As much as I thought and hoped he was smart enough to be able to figure things out and replicate his Sac form with Boogie around in NO, there has to be an admission that in SAC, he was given free reign to the offense and padded his stats there. This is something that he will not be able to consistently do with how Gentry runs the offense in NO, especially with the number of players who are able to handle the ball other than Rondo. There will be games where he looks great and dishes out double digit assists, but there will be many more games where he looks absolutely disinterested and ends up playing the first 6 minutes of each half and gets subbed off for Miller/Jameer. If you are able to accept this kind of variability in his performance, then by all means keep him for his ASTs.
  3. Some clarification on the kind of on-court 'work' he's been doing...
  4. Honestly would rather stash Rivers over him at this point - it looks like he's not going to meet his 6 week timetable.
  5. Rajon Rondo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The issue with Rondo is that he needs to maintain consistent effort on defense. There was an article on The Bird Writes that explained why he only played 15 minutes against the Jazz - some of the plays showcased had Rondo looking absolutely lax on defense. Hopefully that lit a fire up in his a**. Defense = minutes.
  6. Rajon Rondo 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Just 15 mins tonight? He was balling out in the 1Q and was barely seen again. What gives?
  7. My take: If you desperately need Jones' production right now then it isn't that bad of a move - Markkanen has been stinking it up these past few games. However, it looks like (premature observations so take this with a grain of salt) Teague's injury isn't season ending, looks to be similar to Blake Griffin's sprained MCL which ended in him missing a month or so. So Jones doesn't seem like a great long-term ROS add, but he provides a great short-term boost. As for Markkanen, it has been made clear that the team and coach loves him, is committed to him as a starter, and are looking to trade Mirotic despite his hot start as he does not fit into the team's timeline. To me, that seems like clearer ROS value. He'll pick it up soon enough.
  8. Jeff Teague 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Looks like a sprained MCL. Definitely not season ending but should be missing some time. Jones looks like a great short-term add.
  9. Thanks for the help on mine. Stills. Not feeling good about Cobb under Hundley and Corey under Kizer (plus he keeps looking for Gordon) As for your flex - Kerwynn may be out injured this week so I'd go Crow.
  10. QB and Flex help. WHIR!

    Foles and Ajayi. Ajayi gives you a safe floor whereas you're pretty much guessing Dede will beast between him and Cole if you go Dede.
  11. Championship flex help WHIR

    Go with Tevin. Safest option you have.
  12. Thanks for the help on mine. The amount of RB talent you have is ridiculous and I'd be surprised if you didn't win your championship, lmao. I'd go: Zeke (6 weeks out, hungry, and ready to tear up a SEA defense that is reeling from getting destroyed by Gurley a week ago? Sign me up) McCoy (BUF is gonna rely on him a LOT to keep their playoff hopes alive + he's been feasting.) Ingram (honestly a toss between him and Kamara. But I'd go Ingram if you're playing standard) Honestly it's all very close between all your options but this is my personal take on it.
  13. Championship game help?

    Don't risk the start on Ebron especially in a championship game. But if you absolutely have to drop, then it's probably the Chargers DEF.
  14. Zeke or Ingram Week 16?

    Play them all. But if you can't then I'd go Zeke. Gurley just tore that SEA defense up, and Zeke is hungry and raring to go after 6 weeks out.
  15. Standard scoring. RBs are all sorted out. WR Pick 2 out of: Jeffery vs OAK (really afraid he'll get benched towards the end...) Crabtree @ PHI (#1 option with Cooper out but Carr's inconsistency + bad matchup scares me) Woods @ TEN (probably the safest option but obviously not one of the studs I drafted) Gordon @ CHI (Kizer looks for him a lot but he can't throw a ball to save his life) Cole @ SF (Been tearing it up the last few weeks but not sure if I want to start him on a crucial championship game - flash in the pan?) Shepard @ ARI (Afraid of Peterson shadowing him. Been pretty boom bust and not sure if I wanna risk it) I'm leaning Jeffery and Woods. FLEX Pick 1 out of: Whoever's left of the WRs above Olsen vs TB Mixon vs DET WHIR