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  1. Give this man some love. Been outright beasting putting up RoCo-esque lines. 27/13/1/1/3 against the Bucks and he's been extremely consistent with the stocks. Got him in a trade to dump off Kawhi for the playoffs and even though it was pretty lopsided (Kawhi + Ayton for Kemba + Oubre) he's definitely taking the sting off it.
  2. He'll be ruled out for the following reasons: Back to back, against a tanking team, or coming off an intense game. If you're in the playoffs and haven't traded him already, good luck.
  3. Managed to trade this guy and Ayton for Kemba and Oubre to a playoff opponent. Probably giving up too much under normal circumstances but really, the risk of Kawhi resting is REAL and there is no way I can afford it during the playoffs.
  4. If he's just sitting in your IR I guess it won't hurt to keep him there until he gets back into action. But if someone important in your team goes down he's an easy drop.
  5. Beast. Full steam ahead for this guy. So much for monitoring his minutes..
  6. He just played 21 and 23 minutes just coming off injury, off the bench, coach wants to slowly ease him in.. I'd say 25 minutes, very possibly 28-30 minutes as the starting center a week or so after the ASB. Possibly 18/11/2/0.4/1.2 on great efficiency and FT%?
  7. Spot on. People seem to blame Kawhi drafters on not expecting him to get constantly rested "just because he sat out almost all of last season". I drafted him too with these VERY reasonable expectations of initial rest and missing games at the start of the season and knowing he was healthy - he definitely seemed like a much better pick at the time as compared to guys like PG, so I don't really have regrets picking him.
  8. 19/9 in just 18 minutes so far, and primed for more minutes in the future. Do not ever think of dropping this man.
  9. Starting to provide more offense due to Wiggins' absence?
  10. Hmmm... understand the move since the coach feels “he’s earned it”.. hopefully Jonas can still carve out a 25+ minute role for himself off the bench. I’m hoping tonight was to acclimatize the team to the rotation in the future. Rabb started at the 5, but played plenty of backup 4 as well. Noah played 30 minutes of C, so hopefully his role gets replaced by JV when he returns.
  11. Could’ve had PG. Thought I got a steal for picking this guy in the 2nd....
  12. Biggest winners so far: JV (goes from bench to starter) Zubac Tyler Johnson Maaaaaaybe Green Maaaaaaybe Wright
  13. Gosh damn the Sixers really have given up on Kelle, huh?