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  1. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    23 points from Gurley in Standard. That's it.
  2. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Conner on the bench. Started Hogan and Collins, and the Chargers D. Now Gurley has to recover a 23 point deficit. Why do I feel like he will screw this up?
  3. 2018 ADP Discussion

    I want to say Alex Collins... instead of getting him in the 5th he should be around the 3/4 turn at the very least. I see him as a 3rd rounder.
  4. Drop Brown for Michel. Definitely do not drop Seals-Jones. He's drafted as Eifert's backup for a reason.
  5. Rate my Team post draft - WHIR

    Thanks for the help. Team looks good. WRs are solid - Allen is a PPR monster, Goodwin should be Garoppolo's no.1 option. McKinnon is a great PPR pick, he's gonna rack up a ton of receptions. Njoku is a freak and if Tyrod can get the ball to him he should have some decent upside. Think you should swap Lockett for Crowder though - Lockett is a bit too boom/bust for my liking and I feel Crowder is as consistent as they come, especially in PPR. Edit: Missed out the return yards part. I'm not too familiar with leagues with return yards so perhaps Lockett can be a good flex play.
  6. Thanks for the help on mine. 1st team: Your RBs are set (no idea how Gordon fell below Hunt, think he's in for a massive year with more receptions and a bigger workload). WRs are great - think Cooper will get a ton of receptions (albeit with not many TDs IMO). Tate is a PPR beast. Lockett is a great sleeper pick. Not sure about Davis as your flex but let's hope we witness the chemistry between him and Mariota during the season (I hope he does as he's on my team as well). 2nd team: Low on Evans this year to be honest - think your 24th should've gone to a Hilton/Baldwin/Hill if they were still avaliable. But still a decent pick regardless. JuJu I see him as a decent option but I feel like it's gonna be him and AB taking turns to feast during the season - AB being more consistent overall of course. Lewis is a great PPR pick, and I expect Trey Burton to have a big year - he's going to have a Kelce-like role in that Bears offense.
  7. Thanks for the help on mine. Saquon - Gronk - Baldwin is a great way to start your draft - Gronk provides unparalleled value at his ADP. Only issue is if he can stay healthy. I also love Baldwin at his current 3/4th round ADP. He's a bonafide WR1 if you ask me - the injury concerns are warranted but it's a bit overplayed IMO. Collins - Ajayi are great 2nd and 3rd RBs to have, they're locked in starters with a heavy workload. Great depth RB wise as well. I love Brees this year as well - last year was an anomaly in terms of TD passes and I believe with Ingram out he should be able to focus more on throws to the RZ and handing the ball off to Kamara.
  8. Rank Cooper, Hilton, and T.Hill Whir

    Hilton, Hill, Cooper. With Luck healthy and back you should expect Hilton to go back to his old ways of a round 2 WR. Getting him in the 3rd/4th is ridiculous value. I like Hill over Cooper just because I believe Mahomes has a big deep ball that suits Hill perfectly - he should rack up plenty of big plays this season. Not a big fan of Cooper despite all the coachspeak and new role - he's been disappointing the past few seasons despite constant 'breakout' speculation.
  9. Which team is better? 100% WHIR

    2, 1, 3. Thanks for the help.
  10. NFL, 12 team, Standard, Snake, 1st overall QB: Luck (8) RB: Gurley (1), Howard (2), Collins (3), Blount (10), Wilkins (13) WR: Gordon (4), Hogan (5), Goodwin (6), Davis (9), Agholor (11), Miller (12) TE: Rudolph (7) K: Bryant (15) DEF: Chargers (14) Starters for Week 1: QB: Luck RB: Gurley RB: Howard WR: Gordon WR: Hogan TE: Rudolph FLEX: Collins Passed on Mixon for Collins - decided based on gut feeling over pure rankings. Am really high on Collins this year and I think they're closer than the rankings suggest. WRs are upside-based and I'm pretty much hoping that at least two stick so that they will be studs for the rest of the year. Decided to stack WRs as it is the most replaceable position (especially in Standard) however I admit it cost me a bit of RB depth as you can see. I'm basically counting on my starting RBs to be healthy at this point.
  11. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    Wonderful. AG, Lauri, Gary and now Nic. goodbye playoffs
  12. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    First round of playoffs. Opponent (who's had a relatively injury free season and isn't really active on the waiver wire) only has Aldridge and Lowry missing 1 game so far this week. Meanwhile I've lost Boogie, barely made it to playoffs, and now I have to deal with AG and Lauri missing the entire week and Gary Harris probably missing tomorrow. Not to mention Lillard possibly missing Sunday for the birth of his daughter as well. Had to painfully drop Lauri for Evan Turner for a Sat/Sun streamer along with my existing streamer spot, and I know if I do make it to the next round my opponent's gonna pick him up and play him against me. Just hope I can pull off a miracle. I'm leading by 30 fantasy points but I'm down by 2 games for the rest of the week. It's so frustrating working your way to the playoffs and building your team up only to see everything go down the drain due to injuries. The funny thing is I would've avoided this nightmare matchup and actually would've kept Lauri if I tanked the last round of the regular season for an easier matchup with someone who's lost Curry and Klay and is still holding on to them....
  13. What a damn beast. Post-ASB Lillard is real. Taking over my team's first-rounder production left behind by the loss of Boogie.
  14. Austin Rivers 2017-18 Season Outlook

    No love for this guy? Playing big minutes - 35 minutes today even with Milos back in. Even though Milos may be working his way back to playing 20+ minutes a game, it looks like Bradley will be the one mainly losing out + Doc has played him at the 3 as well so I feel he should be pretty solid ROS. Not to mention that playoff schedule.