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  1. Is Darrel Williams worth picking up with this news?
  2. Any idea why his rushing numbers are so low? Can we expect a jump or no? I'm a little bummed as I thought we'd see Murray take off at least a couple times by now. I was watching his college highlights and this dude can fly. Maybe it's more the defense not giving him the opportunity thus far.
  3. KC Chiefs: Expect breakout game for Darwin Thompson vs Ravens
  4. Is he worth a hold even if you're not playing him? Would you rank guys like McLaurin, Hollywood, DJ Chark and other upcoming receivers who have more of a defined role season long ahead of Hardman? Someone dropped McLaurin in my league and I'm wondering if he's a better value than Mecole, long-term at least.
  5. I'm in the same situation. I have both Chargers and Packers defense. I was going to play Green Bay this week but someone in my league dropped McLaurin. I put in a waiver for him to drop Green Bay's defense. I like that play better than the Chargers, but I can't decide what player to drop for McLaurin so I decided to just not carry 2 defenses.
  6. Foles on the sideline looking like Stephen Merchant in Extras.
  7. ^^Am I missing something? I didn't even hear Darwin's name mentioned.
  8. Agree, Slye was my #1 choice until the news of Cam dropped. I moved onto Zane instead. Buuuut nobody answered my question in my initial post how dare you guys. Is it a bad idea to roll with a QB and kicker on the same team? In this case I think it might work due to the Cardinals fast paced offense yet struggling to punch it in the red zone. Not to mention they have a good matchup this week.
  9. I read an article that stated potential landing spots including SF, LAC, GB, and TENN. None of those would be ideal....the chances Drake gets traded to a team where he's not part of a RBBC are slim to say the least. Not sure if he's worth the hold.
  10. Thoughts on him? With Arizona's offense moving the ball quite well but struggling in the red zone, Gonzalez seems like a quality option at the moment. He's top 5 at the moment. I picked him up w/Murray as my QB hoping to get points if they continue to stall in the red zone. Bad move? Anyone ever roll out a QB/Kicker stack?
  11. Seems like most of you here have split opioions on keeping Drake for potential trade possibility vs leaving him on the wire for a better handcuff. What if I were to tell you I have 2 defenses at the moment? Worth dropping one and putting in a waiver for Drake?
  12. Haven't read all these posts so don't know if this has been mentioned but one of my leaguemates brought up a concerning fact to me. Is it true Sony has ZERO broken tackles through the first 2 games?? One of which was vs a high school defense?