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  1. Im debating on whether I should keep him over Tobias Harris, but if he wont be ready by the start of the season Im gonna try to move him. Any thoughts on when he'll be back? WHIR
  2. Id pass, Collins punting blocks sees his value skyrocket and simmons>oladipo at this point
  3. Drop Beasley, Augustin at least has some ROS value
  4. I think Id take the deal, Bledsoe and Ingles give worse production than Butler but together I think they win that deal
  5. Drummond unless its a keeper league
  6. I would keep Bryant, he has gone up against some of the toughest centers in the league the last few games which has limited his time, but if you must id say jgrant
  7. Hardaway side, much safer with Kanter having the potential to become absolutely useless soon, and Payton should get it going soon
  8. Keep both, Teague only going to get better without Butler and Thibs imo, and Dunn has been a beast
  9. Keep Gay, he may be injury prone but Id rather have him than any of those on your wire
  10. I have Oladipo and Ayton as 2/3 keepers in a 10 team points league, where all the top keepers reset for next years draft. I know Love is injury prone, but would he make for a solid third keeper that I could get at a discount? I can't see him getting traded with that massive contract and if he plays 65 games a year for me I think he is valuable, but more valuable than Markkanen or LeVert next season? WHIR!!
  11. Id go Jones Jr, hes gonna have his ups and downs, but has pretty awesome stocks when things are going well. The other three are all very short term.
  12. Where would you put Derozan and Butler in there?