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  1. ... What?? insert nick young looking to the side meme here —>
  2. well, hopefully we can come back here tonight after this first outing and debate after the eye test
  3. How in the hellllll can you be in the NBA and play 30+ minutes, only score 4-6 points, not get to the line enough, and have low percentages to sprinkle on top. 😷
  4. 15pts 5 rebs would be doable by Melo, but we just need to wait and see.
  5. Im on board just for old times sake. Half a Melo is a decent Melo for the back end of a roster.
  6. I feel like this is KD on one of his fake accounts
  7. Feeling like we will lose lonzo any moment now
  8. Good on the eye test.. This dude will produce if given the minutes.. dropped nerlens noel who I was streaming for my IL Myles Turner..
  9. Still hoping Herro doesn't turn to my "player held for too long" regret this season.
  10. Danny green should be getting his fair share of open looks with the defense focus being bron and ad.. one more year to roll with danny
  11. Good signs watching him last night.. hopefully Stevens finds him some minutes.
  12. And those who held are getting jerked around by Monroe. Serves us right.
  13. so did I.. when referring to steals or blocks separately its a stock... guess im a newb too
  14. as soon as we drop we will read the news about a buy out.