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  1. Jordan Howard 2017 Season Outlook

    Howard led all RBs in drops last season. He dropped game-winning TD in Week 1. He saw 1 target in Week 2 and dropped it. Drops are overrated ... until they start costing you opportunities. Tarik Cohen leads Bears in targets by a margin of 6 through 2 games.
  2. Tyler Lockett 2017 Season Outlook

    Uhhhhhh uhmmmmmmmm yaaaaaa no.
  3. 09.18.2017 - MNF - Detroit Lions @ NY Giants

    Even now, say what you have to say about Eli Manning, but it's his WILL that separates him from the average quarterbacks. During the super bowl, a pretender would've just allowed himself to be sacked. Eli believed enough and in his teammate David Tyree to make that catch. Fast forward to today, I don't blame his play. He literally has no line to protect him. Why do people think the Baltimore Ravens are 2-0? Because they have one of the best OL's in the league. Along with a defense. Joe Flacco isn't a hall of famer. But John Harbaugh is. It's not like the Giants are a bad defense, in fact they were above average last year and have more personnel this time around. Their offensive line is just plain awful - it's the downfall of every team.
  4. Chris Thompson 2017 Season Outlook

    Well, that didn't take long...
  5. John Brown 2017 Season Outlook

    Preseason he was catching TD's looking like the John Brown we all know and want to love. Arians said the sickle cell causes injuries to heal slower. So that means he's playing through it. Week 1 is week 1. Now without DJ they are going to throw a ton. The targets are surely there. He's sitting out because it's not worth the risk. I bet he practices Friday and has a great game this weekend.
  6. Andy Dalton 2017 Season Outlook

    And let's not forget how bad their OL is...
  7. Andy Dalton 2017 Season Outlook

    Gio Bernard... John Ross... ummm.... uhhh... that's all I got... LOL
  8. Frank Gore 2017 Season Outlook

    At this rate, if you don't own him you mine as well trade for. Seems like his value is pennies right now. Offer some hype for a proven commodity, easy win. They aren't rushing Luck back which means he'll be 100% once he returns. Their schedule is easier than last season and their defense is arguably better (Vontae Davis was slowing down anyway, 98th rating Pro Football Focus cornerback grading). Now they're younger, it will take some time for the rookies to get a hang of things. And Gore hasn't lost a step.
  9. Sam Bradford 2017 Season Outlook

    Weeks 14-16? That's so far from now what are you even saying? Lol if that's how you judge players I bet you haven't gotten very far in your leagues.
  10. Jacquizz Rodgers 2017 Season Outlook

    If you don't start him this week you mine as well drop
  11. Carson Palmer 2017 Season Outlook

    Id bet on Kizer scoring more points than him RoS. Good luck
  12. Jamaal Charles 2017 Season Outlook

    Bruh. Imma tell you right now: CJ Anderson will not stay healthy. Never has, don't see why that would magically change now. Charles is a proven commodity. If you actually watched the game you would be able to conclude father time has not struck him what so ever. He's an easy buy-low because his value is only going to rise.
  13. Eric Ebron 2017 Season Outlook

    Drafted, dropped, scooped Clay. Life's good now.
  14. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Need to give Minnesota their credit. The run-game is practically eliminated when you're down. RB's need the time to find a rhythm.
  15. Todd Gurley 2017 Season Outlook

    With their defense taking over early, he often rushed in predictable run situations, so it's probably not wise to overreact