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  1. Againnnnn
  2. So let's get this straight, Luis Castillo, 24, MLB Debut: 6/23/17 Has faced WSHx2, ARIx2, COL, & MIL. Those are all offensive giants. Nearly has 50 K's versus & below 20 walks. Under 20 ER's as well. Future ace? Absolutely
  3. Let others keep sleeping/in denial... Lynn is an above average pitcher and he's finally healthy
  4. Numbers only gettin' better once Marte returns
  5. MVP
  6. Lmaooooo
  7. buy-low!
  8. roark and gio switched souls
  9. stage 3: THE BOUR ULTIMATUM
  10. @ me next time
  11. Remeber him and Felix amoung the best pitchers in baseball? Feels like long lost history by now.
  12. ^tomorrow home-run bank-it
  13. beyond underrated kid is legit fellas
  14. stage 2: the Bour Supremacy
  15. The bets on, best be ready to put your money (in this case a shoe) where you mouth is when it's all said and done - will be awaiting video. Thank you.