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  1. On point.
  2. you mean a tough buy-high
  3. he's been a must-start for weeks now basically with how thin pitching is...
  4. He has Viking blood.
  5. Only getting better
  6. Now the doubters come crawling back... smh... your patience shall be rewarded young padawans
  7. Rasmus LAWLZ
  8. Someone dropped 2 days ago and I claimed... hope Im not too late hopping on the train! Choo! Choo!
  9. Robbie come back!!
  10. + 2 steals
  11. Are you SURE he's human?
  12. might?!?!? blasphemy
  13. !!!!!!!
  14. Wonder how high he's gonna go in drafts next year... us owners lucked out!
  15. No win? wth