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  1. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    I'll continue playing full PPR until my leagues decide they want to bring it to vote. Biggest positions hurt are definitely receivers and pass catching backs. Guys like Theo Riddick or Julian Edelman type guys will see a large dip in how they stand compared to others at end of season.
  2. Need Help Setting Rosters - Superflex

    That setup you've got there will do everything except #2. There's no balance formed when you can start an extra QB. It's just essentially a 2 QB league at that point. QBs are just way better than any other position.
  3. Mike Williams 2018 Season Outlook

    Quincy the only guy in the $1 or less range. The rest are in the $2-10 range. Quincy vs Mike is a decent argument / comparison one can do. I'd go with Mike myself, but I could see both sides.
  4. Tyler Lockett 2018 Season Outlook

    With the new kick off rules I think there's gonna be a lot more kicks returned. For leagues that reward that I think that alone is the reason you draft him. I envision a steady Stat line that amounts to 50 / 650-700 by years end assuming Marshall has anything left. If he doesn't those numbers will increase IMO. You just gotta hope he can get into the end zone for 5+ this year. He also has a few rushes sprinkled in as well. He's a guy for deeper leagues that reward return yards. Steady 7 points receiving. 1 point rushing. 5 points returning and you've got a solid guy without TD's factored in. If he gets those it's just gravy. But if you don't have return yards you probably just want to move along now.
  5. Quick question for anyone that uses yahoo fantasy app

    I'll have to research discord some more. Never heard of it
  6. League Settings question/seasoned commish

    I have a rule book anyone can look at if they are interested. Just PM me your email and I'll send it to your email address. 1) Off-Season Trading: I love it. I would hate to be without it. To each their own though. The offseason trading helps keep our league active year round. We've only had 4 trades so far since trading opened back up after Super Bowl, but I bet by the time Labor Day hits will have around 15 or so in the books. IMO, part of being good in a keeper league is getting great value then trading in the offseason your excess great value for draft picks to rebuild again. I respect everyone's right to do what they prefer though. 2) Injured Pending Trades Accepted: We've had that happen about 2 times in the history of the league. I have no issue with it. People are dumb for leaving trades pending for the other person to hit accept. Now we pretty much negotiate all trades over the phone and once agreed on they immediately go through. If it's all online with people you don't know it can be more difficult though, cause if someone proposed a trade to me and left it hanging and my guy went out for season I'd immediately accept. I let those trades through in my league BTW. Don't leave trades pending. 3) Votes: We bring things to vote every season. I max the rules up for vote at 10 every year and the rest just roll over to the next year in order of importance. So far we have 10 maxed for 2018 and have 7 proposed rules already for 2019. The things we put to vote come in a million shapes and sizes. It's not all just "change the way the scoring works, etc." Doing it before the draft seems like a great idea too. 4) Trophy Engraving: Our winner has to engrave the trophy as well as they are in possession of the trophy until the exchange. If they don't do it though they get a "strike". We call it appellate strikes cause it sounds more lawyerish and you can always fight to have your strikes over turned. Strikes are on a 5 year rolling period. 1st strike is free. 2nd strike means your 2nd to last pick becomes last pick in the upcoming draft. 3rd strike means 3rd to last pick is last pick in draft, etc. We had 1 year where the guy wouldn't engrave the trophy and we introduced the strike system to EVERYTHING pertaining to the league. Since then, no one has failed to get it engraved.
  7. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    Or you could just give yourself a separate due date to lock in your "powers" that's before everyone else's. I don't really see much of a competitive advantage you'd gain regardless if you knew what "power" they were to use before you used yours though.
  8. League Settings question/seasoned commish

    Good looking rules. Looks like a fun league.
  9. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    Yes, I love this idea. You actually gave me a link to one of those sites earlier in this thread that speaks about this. We have the same thing where weekly high score gets a monetary prize and I am putting up weekly "press conference" for vote this year. I've shared the idea with 2 / 14 league members and they both loved it. I'm pretty sure I can get it to pass. My actual rule will be the following: 4. Weekly Press Conference: Make the Weekly Winner earn their Weekly Winner Money. If you are the highest scoring person of the week you must create a (minimum) 60 second video press conference. In this press conference you can talk about beating your opponent, what you did that gave you the edge to beat your opponent, what you plan to do to defeat your next week’s opponent, trash talking current or future opponent, trash talking anyone and everyone, or just talking about whatever you feel like talking about. If press conference is not completed by the Fantasy Football Championship that weekly winner money will be awarded to whoever had 2nd highest points that week (no press conference will be required).
  10. Demaryius Thomas 2018 Season Outlook

    Texans were introduced to the NFL in 2002 I believe and they just got one last year. 15 years...
  11. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    Fun concept. Good luck with it. I'm introducing 2 of those things for vote in my main league in 2019.
  12. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    One thing I started doing recently is trashing my league mates on a local sports radio station and "throwing shade". I'm hoping to get this caught on with us throwing back and forth shade at each other. So far it's just me roasting people though. Everyone loves it, but no one else has jumped in yet. We'll see if this escalates to what I'm hoping for or just slowly dies though.
  13. Quick question for anyone that uses yahoo fantasy app

    Yahoo is redirecting everyone to "Yahoo Squirrel". Their next Gen messenger app / chat. It may eventually incorporate itself into the fantasy chat, but I'm not convinced it will do so by the start of leave season. In my league(S) we currently have a vote underway to the next chat program we will be using for fantasy smack talking. I'm tentatively expecting about 75% of both of my leagues to do this, which means the other 25% will likely go ghost mode, which kind of sucks because I like to think of us as being extremely interactive and I hate to lose that, but it is what it is I suppose.
  14. Quick question for anyone that uses yahoo fantasy app

    I'll actually retract my statement. I don't work for yahoo nor am I an expert. I am just pretty sure it's ending July 17th based on the message that said we are ending this service (written on my chat), and I followed the link posted and it said it was ending. So, no. I'm not 100% certain and you might be right, I just think that it is.
  15. Quick question for anyone that uses yahoo fantasy app

    No. It's for the fantasy league chat messenger. It's being terminated July 17th.