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  1. De’Anthony Melton 2018-2019 Season outlook

    Yeah. Same with me. Just wanted him cause the back to back. He was cool but I try not to fall in love with JAGs. I'm now struggling considering holding and not dropping though. Falling in love always gets my hoops heart broken, so we'll see. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll get back to my stone heart and kick him to the curb.
  2. TJ Warren 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm playing against him and watching the game. Dude is ruthless with the basketball. He's good at sport.
  3. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I posted the same line a couple weeks back and was met with joy and optimism. You sir, you just sound like a non believer to me. Flash will punish your doubts.
  4. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    4 / 325 / 4
  5. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    I'm against luck removal. I love it. I've been playing a while and been on both sides. Obviously when you get screwed you're angry and might even demand change, but luck brings drama IMO and for me and my leagues I believe it's the drama that's always kept us coming back. Sad but interesting story... More people have died in my league than have left on their own the past 5 years. We're all fairly young too.
  6. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    I guess I'm not understanding correctly but this math doesn't seem to add up for me. If team 1 has a BYE then 4 others play, you will have 3 winners. You can't have a 3 way title game. I mean, I guess you could, but sounds dumb to me. I always believed that playoffs should be half the teams or less. Therefore in 10 man only 4 would go.
  7. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    Not yahoo
  8. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    Because head to head is great and shhtuff happens. People's crying and tears about unfairness fills my championship goblet every year.
  9. 2018 Commissioner's Corner

    In redraft I lock all teams eliminated. In keeper I leave it open to all and chastise those that pick up handcuffs that have no keeper value (like this week with jaylen Samuels), but in a keeper you can't govern what people feel so you gotta let it ride. Redraft 100% lock Monday night. It's 100% petty. It's losers trying to screw over contenders that matter. Since you have no rule for it I'd let it ride, but it's something you should definitely enforce next season. You sound cool with it cause it didn't affect you, but it's petty... Tom Petty
  10. Emmanuel Sanders 2018 Outlook

    Probably kills his keeper value eh? Like a 10-15% chance he'll be ready for start of next season? Or even less?
  11. 2019 Do Not Draft List

    If Adam Gase is still there, then it'll just be a new Gore. Maybe some worthless bum you think is done with football like ameer Abdullah or Alfred Morris
  12. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    It's weird when you play a game that is dependent on humans
  13. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Apparently we were talking about this incident on page 1. Someone basically said I was out of line assuming he got violent and I shouldn't be making assumptions immediately after my post. Lesson learned from quoting myself and rereading page 1... We were all aware. Most (myself) forgot. But we were aware and just thought nothing of it. THEN a video surfaced... I'm gonna go ahead and make a point when I see this stuff in the offseason I'm just gonna add dudes straight to my DND list
  14. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Picking him up? Like he's on a wire somewhere? I think as long as the grizzlies are winning, he'll gut it out. I'm pretty sure the injury occurred during raps game and he hasn't missed since. I think his fear is the same as all teams. While winning these fears are a bit less IMO.
  15. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Dude is good at football. He will be back next year. Now I'm getting worried about where he's gonna land and mess up my keeper RB situations.