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  1. I think everyone believes edelmen will still be the guy. I think what happens now is that he basically becomes Flash 2. I see those 2 (him and Flash) having alternating games throughout the season of who the better #2 WR on the team is. Brady won't force to Flash if a safety is playing over the top of him, but Brady is good enough and fast enough in his progressions to identify that and know that Dorsett is probably singled and will throw that way. There's still James White to contend with and always the probability of another TE emerging, but as for today I'd bet on Dorsett having comparable stats to flash over next 4 games (assuming both play the next 4).
  2. I love some good sports betting and talking so I'll sound off my thoughts only on your green games. I'm with you on Pitt +7, but only because I don't believe in 49ers. I think Texans chargers is the perfect number. Texans D is trash now with no real pass rush. You give rivers time and he's gonna find receivers especially with this terrible secondary. I expect chargers to win, but Texans are great at keeping games close. If this was 3.5 I'm with you, but 3 is the perfect number IMO. I wouldn't play unless I bought half a point or the line moved. I think teddy is the best backup QB... OK. Gotta go. I'm done. Good luck if you're gambling
  3. Right on. Good stuff man. It obviously doesn't matter much but Pats are at home, not on road. I don't think we'll ever see a road division rivalry game with a mid 20s spread.
  4. I disagree about the OL. It's a good OL. Cam Robinson was finally cleared to play in a short week. The line has been shuffling around like crazy. As good of a feel good story Minshew is NFL defenses don't respect him yet. The titans played man the whole game with a single high safety looked like to me. It's not coincidental that for the brief period Nick Foles was the QB they had the most success running the ball. Defenses been smothering the run and forcing Minshew to beat them since foles went down. I do think as Minshew progresses and the OL gets better continuity (which should happen over next 10 days) that the ground game will improve. Fournette PPR receptions are what fournette owners been hoping for forever are there. Now we just need TD's to follow and I believe they're coming. @Broncos next Sunday gonna be a tough ask, but hopefully it happens there.
  5. Don't watch the game. Just look at box score great game minus TD which he damn near had
  6. Looks like we did OK. Wish I had thr guts to bet the money line like I wanted before everyone told me this was the titans game
  7. You playing spreads or winners? Maybe I am misunderstanding what you're doing.
  8. You doing one for week 3? I'm actually most conflicted about tonight's game than any other games this week. I've got Jags, but Vegas and others I've talked to have Titans. Wanna weigh in?
  9. You're fighting just to fight at this point. Fact check yourself with his first 2 games of last year against teams that ended 2018 with a combined 7 wins. 579 yards with 3 TD and 1 pick. This year he's played better teams with better defenses to start the year and has 470 yards with 3 TD's and 1 pick. 2018 game 3 is when he took off and became one of the leagues better QBs. Sunday night Browns game should be a good one.
  10. Rams and Goff don't do preseason. They're notorious slow starters. If you dropped Goff for Mason you're in horrible shape
  11. Do these strategies work for you? I feel these dated strategies are for free online leagues. I see the message boards always talking about selling high and buying low and giving extremely unrealistic plans of how to execute and it just makes me believe most play in leagues with 9 year Olds who don't know better. What are you really gonna sell high on Hyde for?
  12. AJG missed a lot of time last year too. Really wish Jonah didn't go down.
  13. Hard to bench a home run hitter that's getting touches IMO. Yes, the line is likely worst in NFL, but dudes got speed and is a home run hitter. He breaks one he can easily get a 50 yard TD. He's still getting decent volume and I imagine if this team can ever get first downs he'd see even more touches. These guys seem to have only 3 types of passing plays though . 50+ yard TD or incomplete pass.