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  1. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    I made my FAAB Bids around 11:00 AM today. Had a $0 bid on Ito Smith. Thought, if I get him, I get him, if I don't, oh well. Now Freeman news out. I just changed $0 - $40 on a $200 budget. Think I'm safe or need to keep rising?
  2. Devin Booker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Agreed. I chose Booker myself. And now it's looking like he's gonna be ready for start of szn or very soon thereafter. Besides shut down risk, what's not to love with a ball dominant player on a bad team?
  3. We're in the same boat. Often times they won't do this until first game of regular szn
  4. Yahoo does everything right except the playoff schedule
  5. Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Grizzlies have been a playoff team 7 of last 8 years. Last year obviously injuries caused them to go into shut down mode, but is everyone convinced that's going to happen again? Does 1 year change a team's outlook that much? If gasol suffers another huge injury I'm with y'all, but I'm not convinced we can call the grizzlies shut down candidates anymore than you can call anyone on the trail blazers or any other comparable team, who currently have potential for a 7 seed and more than likely out of playoffs altogether.
  6. Are mods really necesssary?

    lol, Censored in a thread talking about censorship. Pretty ironic. I always enjoyed your posts Oban
  7. Are mods really necesssary?

    I want to point out that I'm seeing a lot of mods with an S and I want to speak for myself when I say there's several good ones here. I especially always liked the guy with the rat / mouse avatar. I don't think it's ALL.
  8. Are mods really necesssary?

    This is where I'm at. I use to frequent this place. This is the first time I've been back in almost 2 weeks. I post something I believe is relevant. Get 5 likes. Post deleted then I'm threatened in a message. OK. Whatever. I feel like I'm not the only one thinking what I say is relevant as can be seen by numerous feedback within a short period of time before deleted. I like talking fantasy. I like going in depth and going past 1 word answers. Comparisons provide valid measuring sticks. Projections without basis I find irrelevant, but I guess when you go too in depth you get deleted. Whatever. I liked this place more on 2017, I'll say that.
  9. Waiver Wire Help

    lol wow. You must have seriously shallow benches. Your waiver wire is freaking gold. Don't waste your time on any of these players. They are obviously awesome, and 90% of leagues would love to have them. But the W/R/T you mentioned won't be starting on your team without you getting really saucy and making a foolish decision. Just grab a D and win the week.
  10. Trade help WHIR 100%

    Yeah, I'd definitely make the deal if you believe you can survive. This is the classic buy low / sell high scenario that should be incredibly obvious to everyone, but everyone gets gun shy in the moment. If someone offered you Leonard Fournette the day after your draft completed for Marshawn Lynch would you have had to come into a forum and ask people's thoughts? No. You'd immediately hit accept. You'd laugh. You'd roast. You'd be accused of collusion. You'd get angry and fight people for thinking your cheating. Etc. One thing you would not do in that situation the day after the draft though, is think about it. Lynch is cool and he's been playing great, but if I can get Fournette and survive a couple of weeks... yeah, I'm bout it. Signs are good for Mixon return as well this week it would appear (still early though).
  11. Trade offer: Breida/J Brown for M Thomas

    lol. Obviously the Mike Thomas owner should want 0 part in this. This is just extremely wishful thinking on your part. Hey bro, I know you have one of the best fantasy receivers in the game, but would you be willing to deal him for this RB on a trash offense in a time share and a receiver that is completely exceeding expectations? Enjoy John Brown. You will never get equal value back for him as perceived value (cost coming into the season) will ALWAYS be a factor with people until maybe like week 8 or 9. Breida you are 1 Jimmy GQ injury too late to acquire any equal trade value in return. Every time I say a deal is impossible though someone comes back and lets me know that they've just closed it. So just keep trying whatever you wanna do and see what happens.
  12. Rank these WW TEs - WHIR

    Full PPR and these are my options: 1. CJ Uzomah 2. Jeff Heuerman 3. Geoff Swain 4. Ricky Seals-Jones Please rank em 1-4. I would also love a why. Hit me with links and I'll give you the best advice I got in my bones.
  13. Goodwin for Kerryon Johnson?

  14. Jimmy GQ Down - Who next? - WHIR

    I just lost Jimmy GQ (I think, still waiting on 100% confirmation that I haven't gotten yet). I play in a pretty deep leaguer so QB options are pretty limited. I was hoping yall could tell me who to pick up and why they're the best option. If you leave a link I'll always WHIR. Here are my options: A) Derek Carr B. Baker Mayfield C) Ryan Tannehill D) Marcus Mariota