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  1. Jeremy Hill 2018 Season Outlook

    Bill probably just brings in guys that used to be relevant just to sign cheaply and cut them in front of everyone to send a message. I can see Hill getting cut in camp then Bill put his picture on the locker room door with a caption, "Don't be like Jeremy" to scare respect into his team.
  2. Michael Crabtree 2018 Season Outlook

    3 different Ravens had 100+ Targets in 2016. I don't think projecting crabs for 130 if him and Flacco remain healthy is that far of a leap.
  3. Jeremy Hill 2018 Season Outlook

    In Gillislee defense he was on pace for 48 TD's before he got Patrioted
  4. Houston Texans 2018 Outlook

    Wow. Landed honey badger. Guess that means we'll have another season of below average corner play from KJack
  5. Austin Seferian Jenkins 2018 Season Outlook

    Once you're in the program I often lose track of what brought you there.
  6. Michael Crabtree 2018 Season Outlook

    Since when? Boldin balled out and so did Steve Smith before his body rejected the idea of continuing to play football. Flacco gonna make crabs very fantasy relevant if both stay healthy. And if Flacco plays his cards right maybe crabs will bring him along to Jimmy's Seafood and get some free Crab Cakes.
  7. Ryan Grant 2018 Season Outlook

    I like what the Ravens did. Ravens made a deal. Went into the Commissioner group chat and saw everyone clowning on the 49ers for paying a guy double his market value. Then they stepped back and said... Dang son, 49ers getting roasted. Pretty sure that was dumb of us with Ryan Grant. So, unlike the 49ers making up they saw film no one has footage of, they decided to go full on scumbag and pull the offer legally by claiming he was unfit for work. Textbook undo bad contract 101. 49ers should've been taking notes from the Ravens about being a winner. Maybe they'd have won the 2013 super bowl and not the Ravens.
  8. Austin Seferian Jenkins 2018 Season Outlook

    He had 24 receptions for 300 yards. What're you projecting for ASJ potential 2018 stats if he stays off drugs?
  9. Ryan Grant 2018 Season Outlook

    I had Alex Collins. He played well down the stretch in my PPR league.
  10. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    I'll pump the brakes on that one until after the draft. I'm never paying a 2nd round pick for a mediocre player just because of a change of scenery. If they don't draft another RB, am I interested in getting him on my teams? Obviously Am I paying a premium price when there is other established proven guys? Absolutely not FFC PPR ADP currently has Mixon at #33 and Lamar Miller at #44. I think he should fall somewhere in between those 2 players. A LOT of movement and shaking is expected in these ADPs though.
  11. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    Whenever I make trades or draft a guy really early at the draft and all my buddies clown on me hard I know my first reaction is to go over the top justifying the move I just made. "You idiots are going to see. I know what I'm doing! Just Watch!" NEVER have I been like, "ahhh dang, I definitely screwed up there, you got me" You better believe that was what my brain was telling my sad heart though. Kyle Shanahan is me at my draft... Sad Heart fake smiling telling the media to "just watch".
  12. Jerick McKinnon 2018 Outlook

    What about the RB situation last year? They basically made Roto Forum blow up thinking Joe Williams and Matt Breida were the future. 0 fantasy points later, it was still Hyde, the best RB on the team.
  13. Theo Riddick 2018 Season Outlook

    lol, yeah dude, he is in fact a terrible rusher. Check your pockets bro, your Theo Riddick stock is sticking out.
  14. Theo Riddick 2018 Season Outlook

    I'm pretty sure he's not the only guy in the NFL that can come out of the backfield, turn around, catch a pass 4 yards short of the sticks (that the defense WANTS him to catch), then immediately get taken down before the chains by a soft arm tackle. You say elite, I say fortunate position to be in. 2nd contract is a little misleading too. He signed a 3 year / $11 M contract. That's pretty team friendly and easy to say yes to if you've had the Lions RB problems over the years. Leg Blount must be super duper elite, he's on like his 5th contract lol. When he leaves the Detroit Lions I won't be shocked if his career ends soon thereafter.
  15. Houston Texans 2018 Outlook

    lol, let's just talk about other stuff, OK. There's no need to focus on short comings all the time. D will also be better with Romeo back in control and Vrabel out of here, that dude sucks. So yeah, our starting LT is probably going to be Henderson. He doesn't know the play book yet and should probably be a swing tackle on about 20 other NFL teams... but he's going to be our starter. Allen sucks, I'll never forget his 3 straight false start penalties in a critical junction in the game last year. Never been done before him, he has the Guiness World Record for Incompetence. He's got a $7.5 M cap hit or $2.5 M to cut and we've been grabbing OL in free agency like free samples, pretty sure his bags are already packed. Clark sucks, he's a FA now and not coming back. He can beat it. Julien Davenport should be semi functional as a RT which will be better than anything we've had there in the last 3 years. If called upon to be LT again, it will probably get ugly. There's still a few names out there though that I think can immediately slide into this teams starting LT position that can probably be found in the bargain bin of Wal Mart VHS collection: 1) THE Adrian Waddle 2) Cameron Flemming 3) Austin Howard 4) Greg Robinson We have made our interior OL look better on paper though, hopefully one of those 4 I listed above will be brought in and help shore up the edges.