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  1. Drop Yu and stream the spot. You can also trade a 1b for a top SP to balance your roster (pitching needs alot of help).
  2. If you would give up Nola plus someone, I'd rather go for a Scherzer.
  3. Arenado is the safer bat. For some reason I have a bad feeling about JoRam this year.
  4. I would drop Stripling. Hurry. Trade your least favorite bat for an SP after.
  5. Meadows for me. It's tough for Vogelbach to find ABs once he cools off.
  6. take it. Hosmer has been meh the past year plus.
  7. Rizzo side for me. Best player in the trade IMO is rizzo.
  8. I prefer Benintendi side.
  9. Meadows all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyy. and then dejong
  10. I would do that. not a fan of Mikolas this year.